Evgenia Kanaeva: Hoop and Rope are more difficult for me at the moment+ 4EF videos @ Montreal

Photo from: http://michoumisalade.smugmug.com/Sports/Coupe-du-monde-2010-Montreal/11121203_7gjUQ#779164514_Y352c
Many thanks the photographer!!!

This is a short interview which was made by allsport.ru and was published on 06.Feb.2010
Original article link: http://www.allsportinfo.ru/index.php?id=36580
English translated by Alyona 

Evgenia Kanaeva: Hoop and Rope are more difficult for me at the moment
The leader of the world’s rhythmic gymnastics and world and Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva opened the season of 2010 at the World Cup Montreal, having won the all around competition and ball and ribbon event finals, but at the same time she has lost the hoop and rope finals.  Evgenia Kanaeva told us about the reasons of that fail and about her preparation for the first Grand Prix of this year, which is going to be held in Moscow.

“This season started a month earlier than usually. That’s why actually there was no time to get rest. But frankly speaking, I don’t really need any rest. Well, of course there are moments of tiredness, but as soon as I get a good sleep and think over the situation, everything is fine. As usually we have prepared four new routines for the coming season with Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums. They are very different; some are made in absolutely opposite style.  Let’s say if my rope is performed at a very funny song of Patricia Kaas, then the hoop is done at a very grand and modest music of Stravinsky “Rite of Spring”. At the moment, not everything goes smooth, but it is quite normal for the beginning of the season. In Montreal I have lost the hoop and the rope, those two apparatus which are the hardest for me at the moment. I messed up the rope completely, and I missed many elements in hoop. The judges were absolutely right to give me those points. I am not really disappointed. These routines need to be practiced more thoroughly, and maybe even we need to put more difficulties in them. Although now I can hardly imagine what else could be more difficult. (smiles) I hope that in Moscow there will be fewer mistakes. My goal is to perform at a worthy level. If your performance can be described with this word, then everything is fine. ”

Below are 4EF routines videos+Gala @WC Montreal, many many thanks gymnasticscanada and rozzine1

Ribbon Final – Beautiful Pivot @ 0:25- 0:28 and very nice performance!

Ball Final – good performance!
Hoop Final
Love the ending and even though Zhenya was shaky in this routine but I was amazed by her quick reaction!

Rope Final – pity for the mistakes
Gala_Hoop – much much better than final, well done Zhenya!!!

Photo from: http://michoumisalade.smugmug.com/Sports/Coupe-du-monde-2010-Montreal/11121203_7gjUQ#779164514_Y352c
Many thanks the photographer!!!

Evgenia Kanaeva: 現階段 Rope 跟 Hoop 對我而言比較困難

原文網址: http://www.allsportinfo.ru/index.php?id=36580

chinese translated by Zoe Wan

RG世界的領導者,世界跟奧運冠軍 – Evgenia Kanaeva在世界杯 Montreal站開啟了她的2010賽季。她贏了個人全能及球跟彩帶的單項冠軍;但同時,在繩跟環的決賽輸了 (Note by WanWan: 各獲第三跟第二)。Evgenia Kanaeva告訴我們關於她輸掉比賽的原因,還有對於即將在莫斯科舉辦的今年第一個 Grand Prix (大獎賽),她的準備狀況。

“今年的比賽比往年提前一個月開始,這就是為什麼其實沒有時間休息。但坦白說,我不真的需要任何休息。嗯,當然肯定會有覺得疲累的時候,但只要一旦我好好睡一覺,然後把事情想通,這樣一切就沒問題了。跟往常一樣我跟Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums為新賽季準備了四套新的成套。它們非常的不同,有些成套的風格甚至完全相反。如果說我的繩是詮釋 Patricia Kaas一首有趣的歌曲,那麼環就是展現Stranvisky那首氣勢雄偉及高雅的芭蕾舞劇音樂-「春之祭」。現階段並不是每件事都很順利,但在賽季初,這是很正常的。我在Montreal輸了繩跟環的決賽,目前這兩個器械對我而言是最困難的。在繩的決賽我完全搞砸了,然後在環的決賽,有很多動作我都沒有完成。裁判給我的分數完全正確。我並沒有覺得失望。我必須再多加練習,甚至也許我們需要追加更多的難度。雖然目前我很難想像還有什麼其他的難度可以再加上去 (笑)。我希望在莫斯科大獎賽時,失誤可以更少一些。我的目標是希望達到值得觀賞的水平。如果你的表現能用這個字 「值得 (worthy)」來形容,那麼一切就沒問題了。”

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6 Responses to Evgenia Kanaeva: Hoop and Rope are more difficult for me at the moment+ 4EF videos @ Montreal

  1. Laura says:

    Alyona, billion thanks for the translation!Every time I read a Zhenya\’s interview I admire her much more. Like Alyona said, Zhenya knows perfectly how to lose. And this is very difficult for an athlete who usually wins.I wish her the best for next Competition in Moscow. Go Zhenya!!

  2. says:


  3. Wan and catts says:

    uploaded 4EF routines+ Gala+interview videos to both mediafire and skydrivehere\’s the folder\’s link1. mediafirehttp://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=aaf7568887f975570c814df2efeadc50787f21702811c8bab16e5c9d3b2044752. skydrivehttp://cid-195a5d8881ad6fe8.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Evgenia%20Kanaeva-Videos-World%20Cup%20Montreal%202010?uc=1

  4. Wan and catts says:

    文章補上中譯/ Added chinese translation@Alyon :)Agree with your every single word, well said!

  5. alyona says:

    Gosh! I am compared to Zhenya))))) Well, I don\’t mind actually))). In terms of responsibility and being hard-working could be)))). That was a joke of course… Now seriously…. What concerns the interview, I like that Zhenya is as always very critical to herself and to her own mistakes. She accepts the points given by the judges without any arguements.One of the most difficult things is to learn HOW to lose. And she is very good at that. But of course I hope that she wins much more than she loses, and I hope that already in Moscow we all will enjoy her beautiful and perfect routines!!!

  6. Wan and catts says:

    Thanks Alyonka\’s translation, you are so fast like Zhenya! haha :DGP Moscow is coming, hopefully Zhenya can reduce her mistakes and have a good competition!

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