First Step into Rhythmic Gymnastics with Evgenia Kanaeva-Rope

Dailymotion: Evgenia Kanaeva’s RG Tutorial-Rope
by wanwan0402
edited and translated by Alyona

Hello everyone! My name is Zhenya Kanaeva. I am doing rhythmic gymnastics. Today I will show you some elements with a rope.

Evgenia Kanaeva was born in Omsk in 1990 in the family of sportsmen. She has been doing gymnastics since the age of five. At present she is a National Champion, a two-time European Champion and a winner of several World Cups in rhythmic gymnastics.

There are five different apparatus in rhythmic gymnastics – rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. Gymnasts wear leotards at their performances which are made specially for them. Leotard and apparatus must be of the same color or they must match each other. The hoop and clubs are usually wrapped around. Ribbon is sometimes painted. Rope is chosen according to its color.

This element with a rope should be performed with straight hands. End of the rope should be placed between your forefinger and your thumb. At the same time one arm moves upwards and the other one backwards. The one that moves backwards should leave the end of the rope. The hand of the arm moving upwards should help the end of the rope reach the other hand.

To execute this element you need to:
Hold the rope so that its ends are placed between your forefingers and thumbs.
1. Both hands simultaneously move the rope upwards.
2. Right hands moves straight upwards and left one up and backwards.
3. Left hand leaves the end of the rope free. With a right hand direct the end of the rope into the hand.
4. After the end of the rope finishes its circle in the air, catch it with your left hand.

The movement which I have showed you is called “Echappe”. You can combine it with different elements, for example with balances. One foot is on the points, whereas the other one is being raised for 90 degrees. Bent your knee a little.

“Echappe” can be performed in combination with other elements, such as balance. For this you need to put your right foot on points and raise your left leg so that the thigh stays parallel to the floor. You need to bent your left knee and point your toes. Then make “Echappe”.

Learn to work with a rope because it is very interesting and nice. Good luck to everyone!
Chinese edited and transltaed by RC (兔子),Billion thanks to HER!!!!!

这是俄罗斯媒体拍摄的一个有关艺术体操普及的视频,由世界冠军Kanaeva来给大家演示一些艺术体操的基本动作,并同时对艺术体操进行一些普及性介绍。(Note by Zoe Wan: 影片拍攝時間是2007年,Zhenya贏了EC Ribbon Final之後。)

大家好,我是艺术体操运动员Zhenya Kanaeva。今天由我来向大家示范一些绳操的基本动作。

Evgenia Kanaeva,1990年出生于俄罗斯Omsk的一个体育世家。5岁起开始练习艺术体操,至今已获得俄罗斯全国冠军、两個欧锦赛冠军 (註 by Zoe Wan: 指2007年EC Baku的Ribbon金牌跟團隊競賽金牌)和众多世界冠军。




这个器械动作叫做 ЭШАФЭ(英文:Echappe),即小抛绳的一端。你可以将这个器械动作和其他身体难度结合起来,比如阿提丢平衡——也就是主力腿半脚尖,动力腿抬起90度左右,并稍稍弯曲。



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4 Responses to First Step into Rhythmic Gymnastics with Evgenia Kanaeva-Rope

  1. alyona says:

    You are welcome, guys! Obviously, Zhenya doesn\’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, but she was doing her best to teach those little things)))). I enjoyed these videos very much!

  2. Wan and catts says:

    加上中文翻譯,並傳到土豆,感謝兔子大力幫忙翻譯 !!!!! 當年還很稚嫩的小兔子,還不習慣面對鏡頭,說話不是很順,看著覺得好可愛 ^_^她真是從小到大都那麼Sweet,即始現在也逼近20大關了,還是好甜好可愛 <333Added chinese translation, BIG BIG THANKS TO RC!!!

  3. Michel says:

    Thanks for the translation Alyona 🙂

  4. Wan and catts says:

    Thank you sooooo much Alyonka, Zhenya was sooo sweet and looked sooo fit @that moment. even though her talking was not very fluent in front of camera 🙂

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