First Step into Rhythmic Gymnastics with Evgenia Kanaeva-Hoop

edited and translated by Alyona

Hello everyone! My name is Zhenya Kanaeva. I am doing rhythmic gymnastics. Today I will show you an element with a hoop.

Evgenia Kanaeva was born in Omsk in 1990 in the family of sportsmen. She has been doing gymnastics since the age of five. At present she is a National Champion, a two-time European Champion and a winner of several World Cups in rhythmic gymnastics.

Gymnast’s performance lasts 1 min 30 sec. Girls prepare their routines at the trainings. First of all they choose the music for the performance, and then the routine is being created. Every move and every element should match the music. Routines are changed every year.
The element that I am going to show you today is called “VERTUSHKA (propeller)”. You should hold the hoop tightly in your fist. You need to make a swing and turn the hoop over your hand. When the hoop starts rotating you should open your fist, and when the hoop comes back to your palm, hold it tight again.

One of the most popular exercises with the hoop is called “VERTUSHKA (propeller)”. You should follow the next steps to execute it:
1. Stretch out the arm holding the hoop.
2. Make a swing with the hand holding the hoop – first the back side of the palm should face the floor and then move backwards.
3. Open your fist and fingers. Let the hoop make a full turn over your hand.
4. When  the hoop is perpendicular to the floor and reaches your palm, close your fist again.

“VERTUSHKA (propeller)” can be performed around your leg as well. Your arm and your leg should be stretched forward. Your hand must be place next to your knee. We need to make a swing, let the hoop make rotation over the leg and catch it.

More difficult variation of “VERTUSHKA (propeller)” is made over the leg of the athlete. For this you need to keep your arm straight, then stretch your leg and put it inside the hoop. The hand holding the hoop is placed near the knee. Make a little swing with your hand and then let the hoop free. After the hoop finishes one full turn over your leg, catch it.

Hoop is a very complicated apparatus, it can easily roll away. Try to handle it and you will succeed.
Chinese edited and translated by RC (兔子)。Billion Thanks to HER!!!!!

这是俄罗斯媒体拍摄的一个有关艺术体操普及的视频,由世界冠军Kanaeva来给大家演示一些艺术体操的基本动作,并同时对艺术体操进行一些普及性介绍。(Note by Zoe Wan:影片拍攝時間是2007年,Zhenya贏了EC Ribbon Final之後拍攝放映的。)


大家好!我是艺术体操运动员Zhenya Kanaeva。今天由我来向大家介绍一些圈操的基本动作。

Evgenia Kanaeva1990年出生于俄罗斯Omsk的一个体育世家。5岁起开始练习艺术体操。现已获得俄罗斯全国冠军、两個欧锦赛冠军(註 by Zoe Wan: 指2007年EC Baku的Ribbon金牌跟團隊競賽金牌)以及众多世界大赛冠军。






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4 Responses to First Step into Rhythmic Gymnastics with Evgenia Kanaeva-Hoop

  1. Steven says:

    Thanks RC~~那時的Zhenya看起來好青澀~~

  2. Wan and catts says:

    兔子:謝謝你,翻譯超迅速~~~我把你傳的影片跟中譯都貼過來了。Added chinese translation, BIG BIG THANKS TO RC!!!

  3. RC says:


  4. Wan and catts says:

    BILLION THANKS ALYONKA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love sooooo much Zhenya @this video, she was so lovely sweet and cute as always (L)(L)(L)

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