Picture of the Day: Russia Champioship 2010-14.Jan-17.Jan2010

This weekend held the “Russia Championship in Saint-Petersburg from 14.Jan till 17.Jan.2010”

This competition is for the selection of Youth Olympics Singapore 2010。

Zhenya just went there for Exhibition Performance,don’t know how many routines she performed yet but all her routines were NEW!!!
I got the information and these beautiful photos from GX of RUS RG Forum,BILLION THANKS
http://rhytmic.borda.ru/?1-6-0-00000220-000-330-0 (you need to register then can open it)

these photos are sooo beautiful so I can’t only choose one,
I have to choose three for “Picture of the Day

The first one,GX said: “avalon2046,special for you” (avalon2046 is my user name @RUS RG forum)
That red leotard is one of my favorite,how coincident GX giving me for the GIFT 
and the ribbon shape of first two photos looks really nice and great!
for the 3rd one,I always love Zhenya’s side face photo,this one just so fantastic and excellent beautiful!!!
I hope you love my choice

for original “Picture of the Day” photos,please check here
這個週末在聖彼得堡舉辦了”Russia Championship”-1月14-1月17。
這個比賽是為了選拔 “Youth Oympics Singapore 2010” 的參賽選手,所以參賽者都是很年輕的選手。
但Zhenya去表演了,做了幾個routines 還不知道,不過RUS RG論壇的GX告訴我,她表演的都是新的rouitnes! 沒想到這麼快就看到Zhenya做新的rouitnes了。

第一張GX還特別寫上: “
avalon2046,special for you” (avalon2046 是我在 RUS RG forum的代號)
是我最喜歡的那件紅色Leotard! 前2張照片的帶型也好漂亮!!!

唉呀呀今天要花痴到無止盡了 哈哈哈。

Picture of the Day

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9 Responses to Picture of the Day: Russia Champioship 2010-14.Jan-17.Jan2010

  1. Lion says:

    I loved her new ribbon tango performance, so nice, and perfect.

  2. Laura says:

    I love her new routines.They are more difficult than 2009 routinesHope we can see ball and hoop early!

  3. says:


  4. Wan and catts says:

    OH Laura!!!BILLION Thanks for your Link, New Rope and New Rbbon already had been released @youtubeBIG BIG THANKS "MaxEroshenko" for uploadingNew Rope-Russia Championship 2010http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaVjJrNxf9gNew Ribbon-Russia Championship 2010http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzJRU3VRmfgLOVE LOVE LOVE

  5. Laura says:

    We have to wait until next 29th January! I cannot wait more…Her red leo is simply amazing. Is my favourite Zhenya\’s leo.

  6. Wan and catts says:

    hehehe everybody respond quickly!!!@Alyonka: Zhenya performed new routines that\’s GX told me and I wrote in this article@Anita: Yes, can\’t wait to see Zhenya\’s new routines. but we can see them soon @WC Montreal@兔子: 手腳夠快啊, 還是讓你搶到沙發了, 螺真的很漂亮!我想也許那個GX或者其他RUS網友有錄,應該有機會可以看到video,我要靜待RUS論壇的人PO。

  7. alyona says:

    Zhenya is looking really beautiful! Seems that she is in great shape, at least I hope so))))). Thank you very much, Zoe, for the photos and information. I wonder if Zhenya performed new routines… It could be Tango with red ribbon.

  8. Anita says:

    Zhenya was very beautiful!!! I can\’t wait to see her new routines (L)

  9. RC says:


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