Picture of the Day-Heart Ribbon by RC

Today’s “Picture of the Day”  I choose RC’s fantastic and beautiful photo-“Heart Ribbon“。

here’s the photo information:
photographer: RC
event: Olympic Games Beijing 2009-Individual AA Qualification Day Two
date: 22.AUG.2008

Well taken photo,Zhenya’s ribbon shape just like a ““,so RC named it “Heart Ribbon“。
Zhenya’s coach-Shtelbaums also love this photo very much!
Check “Picture of the Day” album here:
click here

BTW,Joao also designed some Zhenya avatars,check here:
Joao Lucas’ Zhenya Avatars
Joao Lucas’ Zhenya Avatars

今天的每日一圖,我挑選兔子在前年奧運拍的這張 “Heart Ribbon“。


攝影者: 兔子 (RC)

事件: 2008北京奧運韻律體操個人全能資格賽第二天

日期: 2008年8月22日

Zhenya彩帶的帶型看起來像個 “
” 所以取名 “Heart Ribbon“。
去年Berlin Master時,兔子拿這張照片去給Shtelbaums簽名時,她看了也非常喜歡。

BTW,巴西小DDJoao Lucas也做了幾張Zhenya avatars,我上傳到space跟facebook了。

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6 Responses to Picture of the Day-Heart Ribbon by RC

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    that heart here is the symbol of love and appreciation to her coach. And to all who supported Zhenya all this time , to you (means Zoe hehe) and all your friends- the sweetest people in the world. (quoted from Zhenya’s mom Svetlana)

  2. Wan and catts says:

    謝兔子~~現在真的好開心喔, 我週六要辦自己的生日party, 這麼剛好就在前一晚收到小兔媽媽的信, 已經預先收到禮物了, Happy :)I will have a birthday party @this Saturday, and I received Zhenya\’s Mom\’ letter just the night before the party, so I got a gift already 🙂

  3. RC says:


  4. Wan and catts says:

    Little talk…Zhenya\’s Mom wrote me again! she saw my Sax performance 🙂 and said she like it. also she comfort me about the parcel\’s delay. she told me don\’t feel upset about the parcel…Oh I love so much Kanaeva family they are really all so kind. in her letter\’s end Svetlana wrote: "Best regards and love from Zhenya and her Grandma" Wow, this time I got Zhenya\’s Granny\’s greeting!!! <333小聲說, 剛收到小兔媽媽的來信, 她看了我的Sax演出, 說她很喜歡 🙂 而且關於包裹Delay的事, 她還安慰我要我不要失望, 也跟我解釋說是因為RUS目前正在放11天的新年假期. Kanaeva一家子的人都好好喔, 外婆, 媽媽跟Zhenya. 信的結尾小兔媽媽寫了: "Best regards and love from Zhenya and her Grandma" 哇, 這次我收到小兔外婆的問候了, 真是太開心了 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Wan and catts says:


  6. RC says:


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