Merry Christmas, Zhenya!

Merry Christmas, Zhenya!
written by Alyona

Today it’s the time to celebrate Orthodox Christmas in Russia.
Christmas is the most wonderful holiday; it’s the time for miracles and wonders. People say that any wish you make on Christmas will come true. So let us all make the one and only wish for Zhenya – let her always be healthy and achieve everything what she wants in this life. And for this is a family holiday, let us wish joy and well to her wonderful family members, who love and support her endlessly.

Russian people are the luckiest ones, because they have chance to celebrate Catholic Christmas on the 25th of December, followed by the New Year on the 1st of January. Then there come Orthodox Christmas on the 7th of January and please, don’t forget to congratulate your Russian friend on the “Old” New Year, which is on the 14th of January. You wonder – why so many holidays? It is all because of different calendars – in Russia all the Church Holidays are celebrated according to the Julian calendar which was introduced in the year 45 B.C. Later on the world changed the calendar to the Gregorian one, but Russian church remained on its strict dogmatic positions and refused to make any changes. Therefore, nowadays there is a two-week difference between Orthodox and Catholic Christmas celebrations.

In fact, it absolutely doesn’t matter when and where you celebrate holidays. What does matter is our concern for the people we love. It is very important to dream, make wishes and believe in them! Do it every single day and be sure, that one day the love you send will reach the heart of the person you care for)))))!

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  1. RC says:


  2. Wan and catts says:

    My Dear Alyonka 🙂 Many Thanks again for another very good Russian Culture article,so well writting!!! I love especially the ending part. I totally agree with you! And I also would like to say “MERRY CHRISTMAS,ZHENYA,SHTELBAUMS and WHOLE KANAEVA FAMILY!!! Wishes you all Health, Happiness and Good Luck。”
    感謝Alyona再度寫了一篇關於俄羅斯文化的文章,從上次Cheburashka那篇開始, 我就決定以後會不定時在space介紹俄羅斯文化, 今天適逢俄羅斯的聖誕節,所以我就請Alyona寫了這篇關於俄羅斯節日的介紹,大感謝她再度如此迅速交稿 ^_^祝 ZHENYA,SHTELBAUMS and WHOLE KANAEVA FAMILY 所有人身體健康, 平安喜樂, 事事順心如意 <333
    WanWan with LOVE from Taiwan

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