Nice and Interesting interview translation: Surprise Near the Christmas Tree

Today is the last day of year 2009. And I am happy to be able to make a little present for all Zhenya’s fans – translation of this lovely interview (I thank Zoe for the link).

Zhenya talks about the New Year traditions, her school performances as a child and the presents she gives and gets. This time there is no place for trainings and competitions – only holiday mood! And I wish you all to get inspired by this magical sense and enter the year 2010 with happiness, joy and love!


Original Russian Text Link, please check here: (WanWan)

New Year is the time for wonders. The Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympic Champion Evgenia Kanaeva all of a sudden turned out to be a Snow Maiden, decorated our editorial office with her presence and received congratulations from Santa Claus.

– What a traffic jam there was! – said the gymnast as soon as she crossed the threshold of our office.

To tell the truth, we were waiting for Zhenya for a long time in the office. She doesn’t have much free time, and moreover it took her two hours to get here from Novogorsk. It is European Santa Clauses who can
fly by air on their deer relay and land on the roofs of the houses, but our
Snow Maidens have to put up with Moscow’s
terrible traffic.


– How and where will the Olympic Champion celebrate the New Year?
– I am going to Omsk. Finally I will see everyone – my
granny, my mom and my brother. I am waiting for it so much, because I visit
home very seldom. Maybe I will even decorate the Christmas tree. I don’t know
why, but I feel that some surprise is expecting me at home.

– Maybe it is your favorite dish?
– Oh, I love fruit salad! But I will make it myself.
I don’t know what more will be prepared for the holiday table – my granny is in
charge. She is the chief cook and the main inventor.

– Unlike you, many sportsmen prefer to spend holidays on the sea shore.
– Oh, no! New Year is a family holiday; it must be celebrated within the family. You tell me they go to the sea together with their families? But there is no snow, no Christmas tree… I wouldn’t want to celebrate New Year somewhere in Australia or in Africa. Not in any exotic place, not
even in space. Only at home near the Christmas tree I can feel the real holiday

-Won’t you freeze in cold Siberia after rainy Moscow?
– I hope there will not be severe frosts. And I hope there won’t be such traffic jams like in Moscow.


-We already know what we shall wish you for New Year – to avoid traffic jams.
But what kind of present do you want to get?

– I always ask people not to give me any presents. But they never listen. Usually I get an animal toy – a symbol of the coming year according to Oriental calendar. I already have monkeys, rats. This year I will most probably get a tiger.

-Hopefully not a real one! Which present was the most memorable for you?
– I remember when I was a little girl, I don’t even know how old I was, and Santa Clause brought me and my brother a cartoon movie “Anastasia”. It was wonderful! That time I was dreaming of watching it! But our Santa Clause never left the presents under the Christmas tree. We had a little tradition to place a felt boot in front of the door. You know some people hang the stockings to collect the presents, and in Siberia we used to put out the felt boots. So our Santa put the film into the boot. We didn’t write any letter that year. Probably he could read our thoughts. He can do everything!

– And then you realized that it was your mom, and not the Santa…
– It happened later, at the age of 8-9 probably. My brother told me there was no Santa Clause but we would write a letter anyway.

– Zhenya, you came to us as a Snow Maiden. And who you used to dress up as at
school performances?

– Baba-Yaga. (*a scary old shrew – a character of Russian fairy tales)

– Really?
– Yes, really. All children dressed up as squirrels or snow flakes. We were staging a play and my teacher decided that I would be Baba-Yaga.

– And you burst into tears?
– Not at all! That time it made no difference for me who to perform as. They gave me some shabby old rags to put on. It was very funny. We used to play and dance around the Christmas tree.

– What did Santa give to you for that impressive character?
– Something sweet.

– Who would you, as a Snow Maiden, choose for Santa’s role? Imagine that all the
men of the world are in front of you…

– Hmm! Even if there were all the men, I would choose my brother Egor! He is three years older than me and as a child he used to put on Santa’s costume. So he has experience.

– Is he a sportsman as well?
– He is a student of Physical training department and he does wrestling.

– Well, half of the girls of your age would choose Sergey Bezroukov.  (* very famous young actor)
– Well, I like actors of course, Richard Gere for example, and many others. But I can’t say that I bliss out about them. That’s why my brother would have to be Santa.

– To continue the movie theme, what is the main New Year film for you?
– Of course, “An irony of fate or Hope you enjoyed your bath”! (* a very famous Russian
comedy movie telling a funny story which happened once on the New Year’s Eve
I watch it every year and it gives me the holiday mood. I also like the sequel
of it. So you were right to mention Sergey Bezroukov. (* Bezroukov was a star of the sequel)

– When did you make a snowman last time?
– Two years ago. It was during our winter camp. It started to snow outside and we decided to make a snowman with other girls. We made a pretty big one. But we couldn’t find a carrot to make his nose, so we used a cone. The coaches didn’t see us. If they did, I don’t know what they would say.

– Is New Year your favorite holiday?
– I have two favorite holidays – New Year and my birthday. But I like New Year more. You know I never celebrate my birthday at home. I am always at competitions or training camps. I have never had a celebration at home. But this year the girls from our team made a real surprise for me: while I was practicing, they blew up the balloons, put them into my
room and wrote a wish on each of them. It was really cool!

– What do you usually give as a present to the ones you love?
– Oh, I love to give presents! Even more that to get them. Once for New Year I gave my coach an embroidered picture. I did it myself. The present made with your own hands is always more dear. But anyway, any time you give presents, the person who gets them is happy. A person would never say: Oh, I don’t need it! At least, I have not met this kind of people

– Was it your mom and granny who taught you embroidery?
– No, some girl in the national team has started it and everyone “got infected” with it. But now there is no time for embroidery.

Later our readers connected the conversation on phone, though they had already lost the hope to hear Zhenya after a long waiting.

– I am Victor Tambovsky from Chimki. Zhenya you are so young and beautiful. How is your life in Novogorsk, how do you spend your free time?
– Our sport complex in Novogorsk is really great. There are wonderful facilities for trainings, rest and rehabilitation. Maybe we even have the best conditions in the whole country. But I don’t have any free time. But if I have some, I try to sleep.

– A new device of bio circulation was bought for Novogorsk center. It has already
helped the players of “Rubin” football club to have a successful season. How
did you like it?

– It is a new device. I only tried it once. It is sort of special pants filled with air which changes the pressure inside. People say it works miracles. But the effect will be seen in a month.

Then there was a call from the main fan of the Snow Maiden. He lives in Great Ustyug and even has his own residence there. (* Great Ustyug – place on the north of Russia
where Russian Santa Claus is believed to live)

– Hello Zhenya, it is Santa Claus. I have just finished my meeting with
University students and I couldn’t help congratulating you on the New Year. I
wish you happiness and luck! Tell me, how did you behave yourself this year?

– Oh, what a surprise! Thanks for your wishes! I hope I was a good girl and I worked hard to reach the maximum result in sports.

– Then after a new victory I’ll be waiting for you at my home in Great Ustyug!
– Thank you! I am dressed up as a Snow Maiden now. But I don’t go to Ustyug; I’ll go to Omsk
to celebrate the New Year with my family.

Well, we will be waiting for this historical meeting of Santa Clause with his Snow Maiden after the first victory of the coming year. It won’t take long!

Remark: BIG BIG THANKS Alyona gave me these pictures
Picture of Snow Maiden

Picture of Baba Yaga

Chinese translated by WanWan


新年是帶來驚喜的時候,韻律體操奧運冠軍 Evgenia Kanaeva突然化身為白雪少女/ Snow Madein (在俄羅斯Snow Madein一般說是聖誕老人的女兒) 以她的裝扮妝點了我們報社辦公室並接受聖誕老人的祝福。

好擁擠的交通!” Zhenya一穿過我們辦公室的門之後立刻如此表示。





不,新年是屬於家庭的節日,一定要跟家人一起慶祝。你說他們跟家人一起去海邊渡假? 但那裡沒有雪,沒有聖誕樹我不想在澳洲或非洲的某個地方慶祝新年。不要在任何奇異的地方,即使到太空我也不願意。只有在家裡緊鄰著聖誕樹時,我才有那種過節的心情。



我們已經知道該給你什麼樣的新年祝福避開擁擠的交通! 但你希望收到什麼樣的禮物呢?

希望不是真的老虎! 你對那個禮物印象最深刻?
我記得當我還是小女孩的時候,不記得是幾歲,聖誕老人送我跟我哥哥”Anastsia”的卡通片。真是很棒的禮物,當時我一直夢想著要看那部片! 但我們的聖誕老人不會把禮物放在聖誕樹下。我們有個小傳統,把在房門前放一個毛氈靴。你知道有的人會在聖誕樹上掛襪子收集禮物,但在西伯利亞,我們習慣放在毛氈靴裡。所以我們的聖誕老人把影片放在靴子裡。那年我們沒有寫任何信。可能他能讀到我們心裡在想什麼。他能做到任何事!


-Baba Yaga (

是的,是真的,所有的小孩打扮成松鼠或飄落的白雪。我們在表演一齣戲劇,而我們的老師決定讓我演Baba Yaga

一點也不! 當時演什麼角色對我而言都沒有差別。他們給我一些破舊的抹布,讓我穿上。那非常有趣。通常我們會圍繞著聖誕樹玩跟跳舞。


身為白雪少女,你會挑選誰扮演聖誕老人? 想像一下全世界的男人站在你面前!
– 嗯…
即使有全世界的男人讓我挑選,但我還是會選我哥哥-Egor! 他大我三歲,在他孩童時期,他經常穿上聖誕老人的服裝,他有經驗。


有一半你這年紀的女孩會選Sergey Bezroukov (俄羅斯很有名的年輕男演員)
,當然我也喜歡演員,譬如: Richard Gere,還有很多其他人。但我對他們沒有感到那麼狂熱/ 欣喜若狂,這是為什麼我哥哥必須當聖誕老人。

當然是-“An irony of fate or Hope you enjoyed your bath”!
非常有名的俄羅斯喜劇,是描述發生在新年前夕的有趣故事)。我每年新年都看,它帶給我節慶的心情。我也喜歡它的續集。所以你提到Sergey Bezroukov是對的. (* Bezroukov是這系列電影的明星)


有兩個節日是我最喜歡的新年跟我的生日。但我更喜歡新年。你知道,我從來沒有在家裡慶祝生日。我總是在比賽或者在訓練營。我從來沒在家裡慶祝過。但是今年,我們隊上的女孩們給我一個很大的驚喜: 當時我在訓練,她們吹脹很多個氣球,在每個氣球上寫祝福的話,然後把那些氣球掛在我房間。真的很cool!

-哦,我喜歡送禮物,勝過拿到禮物!有一年新年我送給我的教練自己親手做的十字繡圖案。自己親手做的禮物總是更珍貴。但不管如何,每次你送禮物,收到的人都是會開心的。沒有人會說: 哦,這東西我不需要,至少我沒碰過這樣的人。



不久,我們的讀者call in進來了,雖然經過漫長的等待,他們幾乎喪失能聽到Zhenya聲音的希望。

我是來自ChimkiVictor TambovskyZhenya,你是如此年輕又漂亮,你在Novogorsk的生活是怎樣的呢? 空閒時你都做什麼?


然後一位白雪少女的重要粉絲打電話進來了。他住在Great Ustyug,甚至在這裡也有住所。(* Great Ustyug –在俄羅斯北部,傳說是俄羅斯聖誕老人居住的地方)

-Zhenya你好,我是聖誕老人。我才剛剛結束跟大學生的會晤,而我一定要來跟你說新年祝賀的話。我希望你快樂跟好運! 告訴我你今年表現怎樣?
-Oh,What a surprise! 謝謝你的祝福。我希望我是個好女孩,而我很認真訓練以便在比賽中取得好成績。

那麼在新的勝利之後,我會在我Great Ustyug的家中等你!
-謝謝你! 我現在裝扮成白雪少女,但我不會去Ustyug; 我要回OMSK跟我的家人一起慶祝新年。


Note by WanWan: 我終於趕在台灣新年之前將這篇非常溫暖充滿節慶氣氛的訪問中譯完成了。

祝大家新年快樂! Happy New Year to Everyone !
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  1. Wan and catts says:

    Michel, Thank you very much for the information! I think it\’s not difficult to find the DVD- "An Irony of Fate"

  2. alyona says:

    @StevenYou are welcome 🙂 and Happy New Year!

  3. Michel says:

    For one and a half hour ago now I had New Year … I wish all a happy and healthy year 2010. Above all, whom it\’s currently not as well goes as us. Smokey greetings from Germany *g*

  4. Michel says:

    "Irony of fate" is a two parter, with three hours! Some russian DVDs of this film have english subtitles. In Germany, many russian DVDs are easy to get, since we have here the most russian speaker outside the former Soviet Union. I have this DVD with english & german subtitles: have new year in three hours…

  5. Wan and catts says:

    Michel,Thank you sooo much for your sharing! very good New Year\’s gift! I will watch the film"Dinner for One"Later.Seems I need to found the movie "An irony of fate" :)In Taiwan now is 2010 already, May everyone health, happiness and good luck!

  6. Wan and catts says:

    Finally finished the Chinese translation before Taiwanese New Year and I posted it now!終於趕在新年前將中譯完成, 祝大家新年快樂! May Everyone Happy New Year!

  7. Laura says:

    Lovely interview!!I love Zhenya!!Happy new year for everybody!!!

  8. Michel says:

    "Dinner for One" – the german original from 1963. Die first Video was to long for Youtube, now it\’s a two parter. Only the beginning is in german, otherwise in english. a better qualitiy (180 MB) dialect-version (of course not in english, it\’s in my dialect "hessisch"):

  9. says:


  10. Michel says:

    "Irony of Fate" is a funny movie, I have it here on DVD. Here in Germany on New Year there is an other film tradition. "All" Germans see since than 35 years "Dinner for One" on New Year on TV. It is the most repeated TV show in the world ~ 300 times. Curiously, the short film is almost entirely in english, but no Englishman knows the TV show!!! There are now several versions of the film (for blind, deaf, in color…), even in my dialect. the packet is of course pity, but if in a week again in Novogorsk, it\’s not so bad. Only a week vacation… I would freak out :)A happy new year to all. I still have to wait 12 hours on it.

  11. m_nn says:


  12. Wan and catts says:

    Little talk, Zhenya\’s Mom wrote me again. and said Zhenya still not get the parcel. She promised me will inform me when Zhenya got it, and will take a photo with those gifts (just as my request) then e-mail to me 🙂 Zhenya will be back to Novogorsk on 06.Jan.2010再小小聲說, Zhenya的媽媽再次寫信給我, 她說Zhenya還沒收到包裹, & 她說一旦收到了會通知我, 且Zhenya會依我的要求跟那些禮物一起拍張照片然後 e-mail給我. 🙂 Zhenya會在1月6日回到Novogorsk。

  13. alyona says:

    Thank you Zoe! Thank you Joao! I love you more :)))) And I love Zhenya! Not only for her great personality, but also for giving us this chance to meet each other in the huge space of internet. She is a person with a big kind heart, and even if you don\’t know her personaly, you can feel it through her interviews and videos. Everything she does comes from the bottom of her heart. I wish Zhenya and all my friends from this space – health, happiness, wonders, joy and endless love! Let all your dream come true! And Gob bless you all!

  14. joão lucas nunes says:

    One lovely translationm, with warm words, zhenya is one grace of person, like Alyona! One beautiful translation, my friend, I love you too.

  15. Wan and catts says:

    Alyona,I love you sooo much, you are an ANGEL like Zhenya! so nice and warm interview, and so nice a New Year\’s gift for all Zhenya Fans! BILLION BILLION THANKS!!! (BIG HEART) (LOVE) (FLOWERS) (BIG HUGS)I Love when Zhenya said "Even if there were all the men, I would choose my brother Egor! " to be the Santa\’s role, so lovely and Sweet answer <333And so interesting Zhenya said: "I wouldn\’t want to celebrate New Year somewhere in Australia or in Africa. Not in any exotic place, not even in space. " –that "NOT EVEN IN SPACE" is sooooo cute, haha (Well, if fly to sapce to celebrate New Year, I will be interested, hehe)Zhenya dressed up as a "Snow Maiden" , so cute, really hope I can see the picture~~即使到太空慶祝新年都不願意, Zhenya真是太可愛了. (Well, 如果是到太空, 我可能會想試試)還有說就算全世界的男人站在她面前, 她還是會挑哥哥當聖誕老人, Sooo Sweet~~ 那個Snow Maiden造型好可愛, 真想看照片.

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