Zhenya @Gymgala Gent 2009-Belgium-19.Dec.2009

Gymgala Gent 2009 official website:


Zhenya took part in Gymgala Gent 2009-Belgium-19.Dec.2009。
This is an exhibition show which is held for many years and include many categories-AG、RG、Acrobat、Trampoline、Tumbling…etc.
Zhenya participated this show @2008 for the first time.

Participant List:

Here’s two Zhenya’s performance-Ball & Hoop,many thanks to trientje1

Hoop: Zhenya use a new Hoop music

Zhenya is still very busy…so this is the 25th events that she participated this year!


嗯嗯,去年Zhenya也是這時候去參加在比利時 Gent 舉辦的 Gymgala,我就在猜今年可能也會去。


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to Zhenya and to Everyboby!!!

因為我想說俄羅斯的聖誕節比新年晚,所以祝賀詞就先寫 New Year 後寫 Christmas ^-^

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7 Responses to Zhenya @Gymgala Gent 2009-Belgium-19.Dec.2009

  1. says:


  2. Wan and catts says:

    Alyona, Zhenya was there-"Gymgala Gent" last year, so I was wondering before she will be this event this year too, my guess is right.and they performed on AG floor, it\’s very diffecult for RG gymnasts to perform on AG floor.選手都是在AG的地板表演, 對RG選手而言在AG地板做動作是很困難很辛苦的, 據說在一般的地板做動作都比在AG地板上做好。

  3. alyona says:

    It is a hard lot of an Olympic and World Champion – even when everyone enjoys holidays, she has to perform, just because people want to see her – the best gymnast in the world – and not anyone else. Thanks God it was a Gala, not a competition. As we all know Zhenya likes to perform, so I hope she had fun and enjoyed being there 🙂

  4. Michel says:

    I know that in Russia Christmas in January is celebrated. I only mean for fun, that she is in (pre-) Christmas mood. After this year, she is surely just tired…

  5. Wan and catts says:

    OK, maybe Hoop also had a little drop…..but Zhenya covered it up well, the drop looked like intentionally

  6. Wan and catts says:

    Michel, I think it\’s a little mistake for Ball, a little drop, for hoop Zhenya didn\’t miss anything just has a new music, I am still not used to this music for her hoop, I loved the old one-\’Fantasia on Russian Folksongs\’ very much.and for your reference, Russian Christmas is not on 25.Dec., it\’s on 07.January, because Russia use a different calendar-Julian calendar.BTW, Does anyone know what the music title of her hoop is?

  7. Michel says:

    She makes now a gala, I find great – a nice gift for all fans. Now she have made a big mistake (Hoop)… she seems to be already in Christmas mood *hehe*.@All: Merry Christmas (for those who celebrate it).

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