News clip: Zhenya prepares new routines+Complete Translation

News clip, thanks Belosnegka providing the on-line video link
Download Link (I recorded this video by a screen recorder)

RUS Team start to prepare new routines for 2010。Head coach Irina Viner promised will protect Zhenya next year。

Complete English translation, made by Alyona, many many thanks for Her big efforts

Reporter: When Evgenia Kanaeva works on the carpet, you cannot hear so common shout of the trainers. But you can see a smile on the face of Vera Shtelbaums and her student, even when the hoop in the new routine doesn’t want to fly in the right direction.

Vera Shtelbaums: We usually solve all the problems in a calm manner. She is a very young gymnast yet and, of course, it was hard. Because beside all the main events such as WC, EC, World Games and Universiade, she had to take part in other events; and everywhere she had to show the best she could. Of course, it was tough, but Zhenya handled it well. She didn’t let anybody get the gold.

Reporter: You can win as much as you CAN, and Kanaeva will win as much as she WANTS. Only in this season she became a 5-time European Champion, a 6-time World Champion, all-around Champion of Grand Prix Final. So far everything goes so smoothly, that they are afraid to be put off by too much praise.

Irina Viner: Zhenechka, so far, is above everyone… Knock the wood! She is a very clever girl. I wish her to remain healthy. Yesterday we were discussing the plans for future with Vera Shtelbaums and we decided to take a very good care of Zhenya and spare her strength. She deserves it.

Reporter: Four absolutely new routines have to be prepared within just a month. Zhenya will practice them till December, 30. Then she will fly to Omsk to celebrate the New Year with her parents, watching television and drinking some Champaign. For the Olympic Champion New Year is a family holiday.

Zhenya: We will have just few days off, because the competition season starts very early this year. In January we will already take part in World Cup. We used to start the season at the end of February – beginning of March. And this year we already have the first significant start in January. Now we are preparing a new program – I have four new routines. There is much to work at.

Reporter: According to the doctors it will be easier for gymnasts to work now. Just few days ago a distal counterpulsation device was brought to Novogorsk. It was developed overseas and upgraded in China; this device has been used by NBA players for more than thirty years. Now not only American Dream Team possesses this technical miracle, but the Russian Gymnastic Dream Team as well.

Irina Viner: My granny used to say: “One must reap, as one has sown”. She referred these words to her pies, and I apply them to gymnastics. This device will help children to recover after the trainings, after hard work. It restores the pulse, the blood circulation and therefore, the main organ – the heart – is not overloaded. For us it is very important. It also good for the trainers, because when we get too much stress, we can also use this machine.

Reporter: People say the success of the football team Rubin from Kazan was caused by the usage of this device. If even our football players started to win, what shall we tell about our gymnasts who are still best in the world! We will learn the first result already in January!

and there’s information about music for Kanaeva’s new routines-thanks KapraFan

hoop – music from the ballet "the Rite of Spring" by Stravinsky. (not the music that Zhenya used @Gymgala Gent 2009)
ribbon – tango;
rope – Gypsy music.

Zhenya looks so cute  hopefully everything will be fine for her training and she can have a wonderful New Year Holiday at OMSK。

God Bless Zhenya,Zhenya’s Family and Vera Shtelbaums!!!

Press Conference @Novogorsk-22.Dec.2009 ↓

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18 Responses to News clip: Zhenya prepares new routines+Complete Translation

  1. Michel says:

    @ ZoeWhat program did you use? I want to load a movie from the Internet, but it\’s so integrated into the page that I can\’t do it with all my programs (even with special software for this files). I need a good program for the filming of the screen.

  2. says:


  3. Wan and catts says:

    Added News Clip Download Link (I recorded this video by a screen recorder)文章裡補上新聞影片download link,我用某種錄電腦螢幕軟體錄的,效果還可以)

  4. Wan and catts says:

    是啊, Gymgala 用的那首是soundtrack-"The Island",music title: "My Name is Lincoln"台灣片名: "絕地再生", 主演: Ewan McGregor 跟 Scarlett Johansson。我沒看過這部片。還好2010 Hoop 是用"春之祭", Gymgala用的那首不怎樣, 太通俗了, 一點都不特別, 還是"春之祭"好

  5. Hershey says:

    gym gala 那个是个OST吧,肯定是临时凑得。。。成套动作一个都没改直接照搬的。。

  6. Wan and catts says:

    兔子, 在Gymgala Gent表演的Hoop 音樂肯定不是"春之祭", 我把CD聽了幾次了。期待啊,New Hoop不曉得會用"春之祭"的哪一段。Gymgala用的那個旋律,太芭樂了,完全不是Stravinsky的樂風,呵。@Michel,I agree with you,the new hoop looks interesting and very difficult。

  7. RC says:


  8. Michel says:

    What I have seen with hoop, looks already very interesting. Anyway it looks very difficult. I\’m curious to the next event in January.If Zhenya is yet in Novogorsk, she gets maybe still this year the package. Hopefully.

  9. Wan and catts says:

    Added complete english translation for this news video, billion thanks to Alyona!!!補上影片完整英譯, 非常非常謝謝 Alyona!!!

  10. monv says:


  11. Wan and catts says:

    BTW, 明年的音樂就是球的沒寫是什麼……….Motai !!!你看,Zhenya把球的音樂空下來等你的了,哈哈哈哈。

  12. Wan and catts says:

    嗯嗯 我對"春之祭" 不很熟, 但Zhenya在Gymgala用的旋律, 我聽不出來是"春之祭"。兔子or 貓 幫忙鑑定一下囉Stravinsky-GOOD!!!他的旋律不是屬於很平易近人型的吧, 我喜歡這種的,會有越聽越好聽,越來越有味道的感覺。就像Zhenya今年的Hoop音樂一樣,剛開始聽沒什麼特別的感覺,但隨著比賽進行,越聽越愛,根本就是珠玉之作 <33333。基本上,本人不太喜歡很芭樂 (Ballad)的音樂 XDD。

  13. feeva says:


  14. Chunqing says:

    Morning, Best of luck to Zhenya\’s new season.

  15. Wan and catts says:

    謝謝兔子提供資訊~~(Thanks RC for the music information)So the music for new hoop is "the Rite of Spring" by Stravinsky. French name is " Le Sacre du printemps", 中文 "春之祭" and just found I have "the Rite of Spring" CD我才發現我有買CD, 但很少聽, 所以昨天看到影片聽到音樂也不知道那音樂是什麼 Orz

  16. RC says:

    我这里的网太慢,youtube一时看不了但是,,,那个ballet曲目,俄文是不是Весна священная?那应该是the Rite of Spring,中文叫作《春之祭》

  17. Wan and catts says:

    大兔子, 你現身沙發了喔, Nice to see you again ^_^and added the translation for Zhenya\’s interview also her new routines music information. Big thanks to KapraFan! <333

  18. RC says:


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