Zhenya: Routine of the Year 2009


For me,Zhenya’s “Routine of the Year 2009” definitely is Zhenya’s ball rouitne @AA Final of WC Mie 2009!
Also the most classic、beautiful and touched moment of Zhenya in her career life till now!
Yes, She made mistakes at this routine,but at the same time I just felt very moved by her performance and got great pain when I saw her crying at Kiss & Cry,but also I am very happy for Zhenya!

Every time I watch this routine, I feel like crying again… I have tears in my eyes now when I am writing this article. Today I asked Alyona to translate the conversation of Zhenya and those Russian coaches at Kiss & Cry。When I read Alyona’s translation I didn’t need to watch the video again. I could feel the emotions, it filled my heart with pain and I felt like crying for Zhenya again….

Last year I was also so moved when I saw Zhenya’s tears at OG Beijing,but the moment at Mie,her ball routine at AA Final was totally overwhelming,I can’t imagine how big the responsibility on Zhenya’s shoulders is but the tension of the competition is a huge test to physical strength.

Zhenya got through,She survived! She is really a strong gymnast, great athlete and true champion!!!

following is Alyona’s translation for the moment at Kiss & Cry,many thanks to HER! and enjoy your read:

Viner (while Zhenya coming to K&C corner): Zhenya smile! Please’ smile! You are an actress, Zhenya. You are an actress. Zhenechka, please smile! Zhenya don’t cry, please don’t do it!
Zhenya (sitting): What kind of… (Viner interrupts her).
Viner: First place, Zhenya!
Women: First! We are first! That’s it! That’s why she was crying – from happiness.
Viner (after kissing Zhenya): She is still crying! No one knows what you have missed.
Woman in red t-shirt (kissing Zhenya): Everything is ok, God will help you.
Viner (standing up): Yes, everything is all right.
Woman in red: Sweetheart, thanks God, it has finished!
Voice from behind: What have you lost, Irina Alexandrovna? (meaning Viner)
Viner: My sunglasses.
Blond woman in red (hugging Zhenya): Zhenya, well done! Thank you, my sweetheart!
Shtelbaums: It’s all right. It’s all right. Be strong!
Zhenya (sobbing): I am tired…
Shtelbaums: She is tired (to other women).
Woman behind Shtelbaums: Honey, what’s wrong? Look they show us (Zhenya smiles and turns to camera).
Woman: Yes, she is tired, everyone is tired.
Viner: Of course, they have finished such a marathon race (everyone is laughing)
Viner: Zhenya, come on, wave your hand! Wave your hand more!
Women: Wave your hand!
Voice from behind: Everyone is tired. Life is like this!


我自己選的Zhenya的Routine of the Year 2009! 對我而言肯定是WC Mie 2009 AA Final的Ball routine!
雖然是個happy ending,但是再書寫一次自己的感覺,我的心又會再糾結一次…………
mm….let me think about it。。。。。。。。。。。。

Kiss and Cry 的對話很簡單,我想我不需要再寫中譯了,Alyona的翻譯很完美! 寫中譯我可能情緒又會很激動。
有意思的是…Zhenya說: What kind of…然後被打斷了。幾個小時前我跟Alyona討論這件事,Zhenya是想說什麼呢? Alyona給我一個很完美的答案。anyway,答案在Zhenya心中。

不管如何,願上帝保佑 Zhenya,Zhenya的教練跟Zhenya的家人!

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7 Responses to Zhenya: Routine of the Year 2009

  1. Chunqing says:

    Thanks for your notes. The Russian RG is invincible, espically the individual. My major is sport psychology and now I am a master student, that\’s why I raised the previous question. I like the word: She (Zhenya) was small, weak … but with unseen will power.

  2. Wan and catts says:

    @ZHANGChunq​ing, True, RUS RG Team是有心裡輔導員幫助這些選手,這在Zhenya的訪問跟Shtelbaums的訪問都有提過。Shtelbaums曾說過: EC Baku 2007之後,他們有特別加強對Zhenya的心理方面的輔導,我想我們可以看見成效是卓著的,Zhenya一直都很stable,除了心裡輔導員的幫助,生長於西伯利亞的Zhenya,本身就具有堅毅不屈的個性,這在我寫的Zhenya Profile,小學老師也說了: She was small, weak … but with unseen will power

  3. Wan and catts says:

    Today is Winter Solstice,a traditional Chinese Festival。May everyone happy!Greeting from WanWan今天是冬至,祝大家冬至快樂 🙂 ❤ Flower~~~╭┴┴─┴Ⅲ╮ └─╯│ ﹋ ﹋ │   ╭────────╮│ ∩ ∩ │ ╭╮│☆冬 至 快 樂☆ ││  ▽  │O╰╯╰────────╯╰─m∞m ─╯╭╮☆╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮╭ ☆〞╰幸╮║送│║ │║祝│║福│╰ ╮☆╰福╘ ∞ ╛ ╘ ∞╛╘ ∞ ╛╘ ∞ ╛☆ 樂 ╭══╮╭╯ΘΘ ║╰⊙═⊙╯ 吃湯圓囉~~~

  4. Chunqing says:

    I noticed that everytime when Zhenya was ready she took a deep breath. This is her behavioral rountine and it\’s definitely a good habit, so I take that she must be working with a mental coach or a sport psychologist or worked before.

  5. Wan and catts says:

    Alyona, Thanks for your wonderful comment. Yes, Life is like this. I love the last words of this translation. You are totally right, there were very good people around and supporting Zhenya at that moment. I thanks for that truly. My heart was with Zhenya at that moment and will always be with Zhenya forever and ever. Through this rigorous test, Zhenya will get stronger, and become more matured and more beautiful. My best friend catts ever told me "some champions were spoon-fed … while some passed through hardship and fire. Zhenya belongs to the latter category." just very good words by catts. This classic and very touched moment remind me catts\’ words. God bless you Zhenya!

  6. alyona says:

    Yes, life is like this – ups and downs… good days and hard days… The final day at Mie was for sure one of the best days and at the same time one of the hardest days for Zhenya. She was strong, she was competitive, she was as always concentrated and precise, but at the same time we could have a glimpse to the deep of her heart. and share her innermost emotions. She made the whole world see that she is not a "robot", not a "machine", she is a PERSON first of all. And like us all, she gives way to her emotions on a very hard and at the same time very happy moment of her life! I am glad that at that moment next to Zhenya there were very clever and caring people, who helped her to cope with the situation and find the best way out.. I am never tired to say that I am proud to be Zhenya;s fan! Keep going, Zhenya, and take good care of yourself! Thank you, Zoe, for reminding me this touching moment one more time!

  7. Michel says:

    Zhenya is so sweet if she is crying. How a little girl :))

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