Meeting with Evgenia Kanaeva

photo from WC Budapest 2009

Translated a short text from a Russian Blog
Thanks Yao for giving me the Link and thanks catts for English translation!
Original Russian Blog Link:

翻譯一個RUS Blog的小短文,感謝Yao提供blog網址 & 謝謝catts的英譯

Because the text is very short, so I put Enlishg and Chinese translation together, above is English below is Chinese.

Meeting with Evgenia Kanaeva on 25 September
We congratulated her absolute victory in the World championship in Mie (Japan)!
Nobody has ever won 6 gold medals

2009年9月25日會見Evgenia Kanaeva

Evgenia’s main quality during a conversation –
modesty. The director came to her rescue/aid.

(this sentence means the first photo, the old man came to rescue Zhenya)

在對談中 Evgenia展現的主要特質 – 謙遜。主持人(the old man) 跑去解救/ 幫助 Zhenya

Our sport students were impressed by her
training schedule: 12 hour every day.↑

                                                          ZHENYA,WE LOVE YOU!   

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4 Responses to Meeting with Evgenia Kanaeva

  1. Wan and catts says:

    To Yao,以後你就是space 搜索小組成員 🙂 XDDD。

  2. Hsu says:

    Zoe, No problem!同樣身為喜愛Zhenya的Fans之一,能夠提供一點小小的資訊幫助會長一起豐富這個部落格是我的榮幸^^

  3. Wan and catts says:

    噗! Motai 你讓我噴了…….不用FIG郵寄,我明年會飛去去Moscow看她~~

  4. monv says:


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