Zhenya on the cover of New Issue (No. 58) of FIG “World of Gymnastics” Magazine


FIG on-line shop link:

The Official FIG Magazine – "World of Gymnastics"

This is a reference document par excellence, and is accepted as an authority in international gymnastic circles. It is the FIG’s business card, and is known for presenting pertinent information in a cutting-edge format. 

FIG presentations, reports, exclusive interviews, posters and official news are featured. 

Three issues per year (February – June – October). French and English.

Subscription fees
For 6 issues (3 per year)
Europe: CHF 30.00. Other countries: CHF 45.00. (postage included)

New issue: October 2009 = issue no. 58, and The Cover is Zhneya KANAEVA !!!!!!

Yesterday, I wrote a letter to FIG Shop, I ask can I just buy one issue-No. 58, and if it’s OK, what’s the price?
and I told them I am a big fan of Zhenya Kanaeva!

FIG reply me today said they can send it to me for FREE !!!!
WOAH~~~ I am so happy  

Because I already purchase Mie 2009 DVD, so I ask them to ship the DVD together with the Magazine

P.S. I love sooo much Zhenya’s new red ribbon leotard! The color is so stunning.
and another magazine cover photo, I saw this on an Italain RG forum


Zhenya 登上FIG雜誌 "World of Gymnastics" 最新一期十月號的封面

昨天在看FIG on-line shop 商品時,看到FIG 發行的體操雜誌-「"World of Gymnastics」


這本雜誌一年發行三期,(二月-六月-十月)。內文是法文跟英文。(新的十月這期 No. 58 封面就是 Zhenya )

For 6 期 (一年3期 )
歐洲: 瑞士法郎 30.00. 其他國家: 瑞士法郎 45.00. (含運費)

New issue: October 2009 = issue no. 58

我不想訂2年份,所以昨天寫信去問 FIG,是否可以只買 No. 58,如果可以費用多少?並說我是 Big fan of Zhenya Kanaeva。
今天 FIG 回信給我了,說可以 免費 寄給我 !!!!!!!
哇哈哈~~我好開心啊      ,直接請他們將雜誌跟我訂購的DVD一起寄。
嘿嘿,FIG說 No Problem。YA YA~~   

啊 我高興的有點語無倫次了 heheh……

P.S. 我超愛她這身紅色的leotard,好亮好搶眼的紅。
and 上面英文版補了另一張雜誌封面,在義大利RG forum看到的,不曉得那本是什麼雜誌,那個國家出的,還真想買。

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15 Responses to Zhenya on the cover of New Issue (No. 58) of FIG “World of Gymnastics” Magazine

  1. ★勰小cC★ says:

    Wan Wan妳真是太厲害了啊哈哈~~~我要學好英文。。。!!!

  2. Wan and catts says:

    Motai 你太搞笑了啦, 笑死我了, 笑得肚子好痛不然我明天來模擬一封試試看好了 哈哈

  3. monv says:


  4. Wan and catts says:

    沒問題, 收到雜誌後會scan & 上傳分享~~哇哈哈, FIG好像真的把偶當VIP, 我今天寫 e-mail 問他們, 毛巾的運費好貴, 可我姊超愛那毛巾, 運費太高澆熄她購買的慾望, 可否運費算便宜點, 結果FIG shop 的人回我說: 運費沒法降, 但他讓我買一送一, 頓時我賺到一條毛巾, 我老姊說多的那條送我, 運費就我來出 XDD。

  5. Hsu says:


  6. Wan and catts says:

    Michel:Thank you very much for the information and thanks for scanning the beautiful cover and upload!Glad you like this space, I welcome you to come here at your free time~~

  7. Michel says:

    Hello, the gymnastic magazine "LEON" comes from Germany and is the topically available issue. Unfortunately, there is in the inside part only one quite small report on Evgenia in Mie. I have scanned the cover and upload…By the way, great side, likes me very much. Greetings from Germany 🙂

  8. Wan and catts says:

    To Motai:Big Big Thanks!!!!!! 好可愛的太陽表情,還有我的名字在上面,謝謝了。To 貓 & 兔兔:我還回信給FIG說: 我幫Zhenya做了個專屬space,而且跟對方說我做了一個很詳細的Zhenya Profile,可以給FIG參考,哈哈To Yao(Hsu):sorry啊,當時我只跟FIG說要一本,而東西昨天就寄出了。我可以告訴你怎麼寫信給FIG,也許他也願意免費寄一本給你。

  9. Hsu says:


  10. feeva says:


  11. monv says:

    那是····毫不不要face的吹牛·····偶zhenya motai的后援会当然是VIP哈~~~~~狂妄+嚣张+无限自恋的傻笑~~~~~嘿嘿······o(╯□╰)o

  12. RC says:


  13. Wan and catts says:

    兔兔, 不只是免郵費喔, 是雜誌也不用錢~~ 哈 你總是好迅速啊

  14. RC says:


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