Cai Guo-Qiang:Hanging Out in the Museum

A great exhibition that I visited recently – "Cai Guo-Qiang: Hanging Out in the Museum"

the title of this work – the top photo I posted is "Head On" – Qiang made 99 wolves and they head on and hit to a transparent wall
means invisible wall is more difficult to remove!
very impressive work! I was amazed by those imitated and vivid wolves

other works that I loved are:
Taipei’s Rent Collection Courtyard

Inopportune: Stage One

Day and Night
with woman’s body, flowers and trees to express the time flows of life 
Qiang cooperated with a female dancer, discussed her condition of physiology and psychology for 12 hours within a day.
He also asked the dancer to choose 13 flowers and trees which can representate her.  
then Qiang drew the shadow of the woman, various body movements with charcoal. then putted powder on the draft and ignite it!
This work was made last year in Taipei, there was live broadcast for the making process and also opened for some people to watch the process.
here’s the on-line video for the making process:

Firework for Opening Ceremony of Olympic Games Beijing 2008
Sorry no photos
I just knew those stunning and magnificent  firework was designed by Cai Guo-Qiang
When I watched the opening ceremony video again,
I thought about Zhenya! her great moment @Beijing! suddenly I was a bit emotional…
so this article dose NOT  totally no connection with Zhenya! 

check more Qiang’s videos here:

and check his works’ photos and description here
and my photos here:
Cai Guo-Qiang-Hanging Out in the Museum-Taipei


去年底至今年在台北很熱門的一個展覽, 去看之前我完全沒做功課, 也不知道蔡國強是何許人也.
因為周圍的朋友看了都很推薦, 加上我有優惠卷, 就找了我姊跟她家小朋友一起去
的確很讓人印象深刻, 不管是他的裝置藝術作品- "撞牆", "不合時宜舞台一跟二", 還有"台北收租院"都非常棒
"撞牆"那做的很逼真的狼群-99隻, 義無反顧的衝向一堵透明的牆, 哇 看的令人覺得驚聳又折服於那種巨大意象的魅力.
"台北收租院"呈現出的悲苦民眾的表情與動作, 作品慢慢崩毀, 讓人情緒激動.
二樓展示的是他以火藥為素材的繪畫作品跟一些錄像作品. 我發覺火藥做出來的圖畫非常有魅力, 那種帶有不可測的性質, 呈現出來的效果很迷人啊. 我喜歡他去年的新作品-晝夜. 用一天上午9點到晚上9點12個小時呈現一個女舞者的生理與心理狀態.
蔡國強並要女舞者挑選13種能相應於她的花草樹木. 畫家根據燈光投射出的陰影, 以木炭描繪女舞者的肢體動作,
然後再鋪上火藥, 點燃引爆完成作品. 這作品當初並開放讓部分民眾現場觀賞整個製作過程, 並提供SNG連線現場直播, 上面英文介紹部分我已經提供製作過程影片Link.

最後要提一下北京奧運的開幕煙火啦, 參觀展覽前, 我自然是根本不知道原來開幕煙火是蔡國強設計的.
現場有播放video, 看的時候心情還蠻激動的, 因為想到Zhenya了, 想到她在北京的種種, 真是美好又感人的回憶
所以這篇文章也沒有完全Off-Topic 呵, 跟Zhenya還牽連到一點點.

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4 Responses to Cai Guo-Qiang:Hanging Out in the Museum

  1. Wan and catts says:

    @Alyonka :)You are welcome, it\’s my pleasure, and glad you love Cai Guo-Qiang\’s works ^_^His works are really special, you can visit the exhibition if you have the chance.Seems his exhibitions are often held @Europe, actually around the world 🙂

  2. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel:Usually, I am not like modern art either. But Cai Guo-Qiang\’s works really impressed me! some are beautiful, some are interesting, and some are complicated, I got moved for his one work-"同根生" (same root) and the firework @Opening Ceremony of OG Beijing!

  3. alyona says:

    I would love to visit this exhibition. Art is something that gives me inspiration and opens my mind for imagination and creativity. Modern art depicts our everyday life from a different angle, it makes you think and observe. Zoe, thanks for bringing me to this museum at least via internet))))

  4. Michel says:

    No no, modern art is not really my taste :), but the clay-men are still OK. I prefer Expressionism -> paintings, architecture and (especially) films.

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