May God Bless Japan and Everyone!

I think many people have already known there was a big earthquake in Japan this afternoon! My deepest condolences to those persons who passed away in this accident and their relatives. This photo is the Sky Lantern in Pingxi, Taiwan, it’s a traditional prayer lantern to make good wishes for the persons who you care about.
May God Bless Japan and Everyone! Hopefully this disaster will be over soon!

By the way, I got Svetlana’s e-mail last night and in the end of her letter she wrote: May God bless you, have a nice day and here is �:-) a little angel to keep you safe )))))
Love from Omsk, Svetlana”
What a coincidence, she sent a little angel to keep me safe ♥ just at the right time! Actually I am sick recently, plus today this big disaster, and Taiwan will be attacked by the tsunami after that…Ohhhh once again only “fate=緣分” can explain this coincidence and the connection ♥

Avatar “Pray for Japan” (photo by Tom Theobald) designed by Joao @17-Mar.2011 ♥

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13 Responses to May God Bless Japan and Everyone!

  1. Laura says:

    What a terrible thing!
    Let’s pray and pray! Maybe is the only thing we can do… All of my support to all the Japanesse people and all these people who is not living a good time… Also, my big support to all the workers who are working in the Nuclear Plant. They are putting her life in risk…

  2. Anita says:

    so sad what’s happened 😦 all my support to Japan and to everyone who loose someone!!

  3. Avatar “Pray for Japan” (photo by Tom Theobald) designed by Joao @17-Mar.2011 ♥
    Avatar-Pray for Japan-200 x 207-Joao-photobucket

  4. Michel says:

    All this reminds me of two books which I have read many many years ago in school. Gudrun Pausewang: “Die letzten Kinder von Schewenborn… oder sieht so unsere Zukunft aus? (The last children of Scheweborn… or looks so our future?), Germany after a nuclear war. The most plays in my federal state urghh 0.o
    And from the same Author “Die Wolke” (The Cloud), a fictitious scenario of a heavy nuclear reactor accident in Germany.

    Terrible books for youths.

  5. = =+………….T_T
    The EU’s energy chief Guenther Oettinger has said that in the coming hours “there could be further catastrophic events, which could pose a threat to the lives of people on the island”. He told the European Parliament the Fukushima nuclear site was “effectively out of control”. “The cooling systems did not work, and as a result we are somewhere between a disaster and a major disaster.”

  6. everyday several bad news pop-out!!! >”<
    This morning no. 4 reactor occurred fire accident again and now the no. 3 reactor got problem too…plenty smoke…
    and this is a good news: Russia ready to divert power to Japan

  7. And again the blast heard at no.2 reactor this morning…this time the explosion is very serious…the problem of radiation is getting worse…and no.4 reactor occurred fire accident just now = =+

  8. Ana says:

    my prayers and thoughts are with Japan and everyone affected by this awful tragedy 😦

  9. Now, another nuclear generator occurred hydrogen explosion too orz…..

  10. Laura says:

    Oh God, what happens to the nature? When I was watching the news yesterday I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I had been doing a class work about earthquakes days before and it just happens. And today, the images have been showed and…what a terrible and devastating phenomenon! Let’s pray and pray! I hope it be over soon!
    My support to all the Asian people and also to my Asian friends!

  11. Michel says:

    Now they say the nuclear meltdown isn’t happen, but radioactivity is outside from the nuclear reactor…..

  12. Michel says:

    The disaster is happened, the meltdown was just confirmed. God bless my asian friends and all other people there!!!

  13. This is my friend Fanny’s comment after she read Svetlana’s warm words: ” 真尼玛美好!!! 什么姑娘什么娘!”
    Well, She means: “How wonderful!!!See the daughter and see the Mother!”

    我同意!不過倒過來說更正確,”什麼娘什麼姑娘!” 😀 我想這一切都是因為小兔外婆,然後出了個很棒的小兔媽媽,再然後出了個很棒很棒的小兔寶寶 ♥♥♥
    I agree, but I think vice versa is more correct! “See the mother and see the daughter” hahaha XDDD and I think it’s all because of Zhenya’s Granny then a great Mom and then the great little bunny-Zhenya ♥♥♥

    P.S. 喵喵你介個算是咆哮體的一種嗎?

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