Zhenya in the opening ceremony of tournament “doll” in the competition “Crystal beads”-22 Oct 2012

translated by catts, many thanks!!!
Zhenya said: she was glad to see the participants and glad to see their parents rejoicing in the event. She wished and urged the kids to give their best and, if with patience/endurance, their rewards will come forth over time. She also urged the parents to be helpful/supportive, and wished everyone good luck.
Olga Kapranova simply announced the beginning of this event. (note by catts: since the vocal of the video is not too good, I actually did not get all that Zhenya said. She probably wished people health too. Sorry!)

News from RUS RG federation official website
translated by google (modified by catts, many many thanks!!!)

Two stars for young stars

Tournament “Doll” of the competition “Crystal Beads” was held in a sport and recreation complex Moskomsport ”Dinamika” in SZAO.

“Adults grow from children” – as it was said by the great educator and trainer Irina Usmanov Viner. The world’s famous stars in rhythmic gymnastics – the students of Irina Aleksandrona – always come to the competition conducted by the Department of Education in Moscow and the “Academy of Irina Viner.” The purpose is to declare to the young gymnasts that their work and victory are appreciated and respected by adults, and by example to show what they do – as girls – are significant. Two legendary Russian sportswomen, the Honored Master of Sports of Russia – the two-time Olympic champion and multiple World and European champion – Evgenia Kanaeva together with the champion of several World and European titles Olga Kapranova attended the tournament “Doll” – the first tournament of the season in the competition “Crystal Beads” – to support the young athletes and to assess their performance.

The officials of the children educational and health center “North-West” and FOK “Dinamika” devoted the Sunday to the gymnastics. And, although it was the first time that the complex held a RG event, the festival was a success. The organizers and their partners did everything to make the hall welcoming and festive, so that no participant was overlooked.

At the opening ceremony (see video) the organizers, who were represented by the Centre of Organizational and Methodological Training of the Department of Education in Moscow and the “Academy of Irina Viner” – the Director of GBOU SOSH No.7 school Pavel Samsonov, Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva and chief referee Olga Kapranova – wished the sportswomen health and luck. Then, the students of the Olympic Training Center and the CSKA Sport School Lily Kabanova, Camilla Shaymuhambetova and Dasha Almazova did a wonderful demonstration. By the way, Dasha – a student of the “Academy of Irina Viner” – is now enrolled in the CSKA Sport School. Her first performance on a carpet was the World Championship held in Moscow in 2010. She was invited by Irina herself to participate in the gala “Pinocchio” with students of the Olympic Training Center. This year Dasha has become a professional athlete, but she has not forgotten the “Academy” and was pleased to participate in its activities.

The activities of the “Academy of Irina Viner” are to fulfill its mission, which is to promote health among children and to prepare young talents for rhythmic gymnastics and other sports. All the efforts of the specialists and trainers of the “Academy” are intended to give them the right physical training to start off for talent discovery and to cultivate their taste for goodness. This is made ​​possible due to the cooperation between the “Academy of Irina Viner” and the Department of Education in Moscow, supported by the Public Relations Committee of Moscow, Moscow Sport Committee and MGFSO and, of course, by the Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics and the Olympic Training Center.

Everyone has his own assignments. The tasks of the “Academy” include not only the physical education of children, but also their social development. In order to do this, the “Academy” has proposed gymnastics as a general education program in its physical education classes. The textbook “Physical Culture. Gymnastics. Classes 1-4” – edited by Viner – is a program for elementary school students that every teacher of physical culture in our country can use to teach in his/her school. The Ministry of Education has given its approval and recommendation to the material edited by Viner for general education. This children book is unique and allows the instructor to easily master the nuances of rhythmic gymnastics. The textbook publisher “Education” is to produce its own curriculum according to Viner’s program for every school to use.

In Moscow, a town, a village and basically every corner of our vast country, there are children who want to learn from the best and internationally recognized programs. Educational program “Physical Culture. Gymnastics” will help discover the talent of each child. It develops not only physical, but also the aesthetic possibilities, teaches about concentration, the approach to victory and the joy of working on self and the fruit of these efforts. The program is based on the experience and knowledge of the world-renowned trainers and teachers, who have raised the legendary athletes such as Alina Kabaeva, Evgenia Kanaeva, Olga Kapranova, Vera Sessina and others. The program equipped Viner’s students, who showed the world that the Russian school of rhythmic gymnastics raises up not only athletes and winners, but also People with a capital letter.

Together we can make our children healthy and happy! We encourage all teachers of the country to draw attention to the program “Physical Culture. Gymnastics. Classes 1-4“edited by Irina Aleksandrovna Viner. The “Academy of Irina Viner”, in turn, is ready to support you, help educate and give practical advice. Contact address for your applications: academyviner@gmail.com

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    added translation of Zhenya and Olga’s talking in the video, Big thanks my friend catts!!! and Thanks to him again for modifying google’s translation.

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