Zhenya on FIG magazine-World of Gymnastics-Oct 2012 Issue Cover

Finally, I received FIG magazine “World of Gymnastics” Oct 2012 issue, the cover of this issue is Zhenya. This cover is better than the IG magazine one, but still I think there are much better photos to choose, well I confess I hope to see her ribbon photo to be the cover 🙂 I ever wrote introduction for this magazine on the end of 2009 in ZKG. You can subscribe this magazine on FIG on-line shop, 3 issues per year, also you can ask them to send you one issue for free. below I scan some pages from this issue, take a look! 

ps. I added one picture-Zhenya’s Longines ad-got it from pdf book of WCH Mie 2009 and BTW, Zhenya is on the 2013 FIG calendar-April, check here: http://figshop.lx2.sportcentric.com/product_info.php?products_id=262

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