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27 September Minsportturizma Russia met the Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of Russia Vitaly Mutko with the Russian national rhythmic gymnastics. The meeting was devoted to the brilliant victory of the Russian gymnasts at the World Championships, held in Montpellier (France). 

The Russian team won the team event, winning seven gold and six silver medals. The runner-up Italy, and Bulgaria’s national team was in third place. Olympic champion in Beijing Evgenia Kanaeva has become an absolute world champion, took first place in the individual all-round and team competition, and in exercises with ribbon, hoop, ball and club. Daria Kondakova won silver in the all-around and exercises with a hoop, ball, club and ribbon.

Mutko congratulated the athletes on the brilliant victory: “Over recent years we have become accustomed to victories in gymnastics, forgetting how hard it is and how much competition is growing. Your success – is the result of enormous effort, and they make sure the younger generation that can be hard work achieve anything. ”

Also Mutko thanked the coaches for winning their pupils: “Until 2006, the state has not been possible to systematically engage in the development of physical culture, so in some sports, we took a step back. But you have kept the artistic gymnastics at the highest level. We will do everything possible to assist you in implementing all the plans that you outline.”

The head of Russia Minsportturizma added that the brilliant victories of the gymnasts give impetus to the development of sports infrastructure, especially in the Olympic Games in London. As part of the federal target program “Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation for 2006-2015” is the modernization of the training center “Novogorsk,” which is a leading base for the training team in rhythmic gymnastics.

President of the Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics team coach Irina Viner, Russian appreciated the quality of modern sports halls: “We are very pleased that the country does for us. It is for us to” Novogorsk “built a magnificent hall, where it is possible to make general practice and individual classes. It is very convenient. Beautifully thought out procedures for the recovery of athletes. Everything has been organized at the highest level.’s nice to know that there is a place where you can easily prepare for the Olympics. ”

Evgenia Kanaeva also noted the high quality sports facilities: “It’s great to train in such good rooms.”

Also, the federal program in Omsk is a construction of the Palace of rhythmic gymnastics. Mutko said that the Palace will be completed later this year and will be named in honor of Evgenia Kanaeva.

During the meeting, were awarded departmental awards Minsportturizma Russia. Kanaeva E. and D. Kondakova, thanks were given to the Minister for the high sporting achievements at the World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Honorary sporting the title of “Honored Master of Sports of Russia” was awarded to A. Ilyina, A. Makarenko, and K. Dudkina.

Mutko awarded nominal hours Minsportturizma Russian coaches I. Winer, W. Shtelbaums, A. Shumilova, T. Sergaevoy, O. Buyanova, D. athletes Dmitrieva, AA Merkulova, A. Nazarenko and N. Pichuzhkina.

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