Picture of the Day: Me and Zhenya and the Mosaic Poster in the Media Room-Montpellier 2011

This time I prepare a gift to cheer Zhenya @worlds, a Mosaic poster, I and my friends preparing this poster for one month. I gave the idea, and the original main image was designed by my friend RC, then I sent all the photos DVD, around 10,000 Zhenya HQ images to my another friend Gaby…Gaby in charge of doing the mosaic. Then I printed out 2 posters, one is the copyright one (with photographers’ name, website names and Slogan etc…) another one is for Zhenya as a gift, without any words on it. I was lucky, in Wednesday, I waited her @another building, then I saw her came out, thus I gave her the poster, and HUGGGS HER 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ and she said to me, after competition will sign for me on the copyright one poster.

After the dramatic AA final day, she was totally exhausted, I kissed her to congratulate her big success in this world championships. I didn’t have the group AA ticket, I wanted to watch, actually I hope could meet Zhenya and her mom again…Svetlana was very knid to me, she asked me if I will come tomorrow (means Saturday), I said I wanted but tickets were sold out. Then she try to found a ticket for me, I have no words, she is really a very considerate person, she brought me a Matreshka to make up a lost one that also was given by her. and then when I just arrived the arena on Saturday, I saw Zhenya came out with friends, I came to her and say hi to her, huggs her again, and I thought she will watch group competition, so I just said : see you later, and didn’t asked her to sign on my poster…

Then when I was watching the competition, I saw her was sitting in the gymnasts area, I was a bit regret, I should asked when I just met her…because fans can’t go to that area, I was wondering when I will have the opportunity to meet her again and ask an autograph on my poster.

After the group AA competition, Svetlana told me there will be an autograph session later, she will sign for me. then Kondakova, Merkulova and Dmitrieva appeared, (they all appeared in the corridor) I got 2 Darias autographs, but still didn’t see Zhenya, Svetlana told me they asked Zhenya should be there on 8:00 pm then Zhenya appeared but she was in the media room, fans were not allowed to come in even her mother Svetlana. Longines awarded Zhenya a gift. Then Zhenya came to the door and opened the door for me…I was there in the media room, the only one fan was invited, but not by the organization of course, it’s by Zhenya 🙂

and first I asked Zhenya to took a photo with me and my mosaic poster, when we got the ready, suddenly all the the photographers’ camera shot us, this is my first time to see sooo many flash in front of me hahaha. then finally I asked Zhenya to sign for me on the poster, and asked her to write down “to Zoe” she draw a heart below my name and her signature ❤ then I took out some photos to ask more signaure, I was really sorry for this, but those photos almost were for my friends, not for me. A lady stopped me and said only could ask one autograph, I replied to her: “She will do for me!!!” with a very serious tongue hahaha so I got all the autographs for my friends. Tom Theobald (a photographer) asked me : “how could you do that!!!? So many girls outside wanted to come in but only you were invited” XD

Really thanks Zhenya gave me this honor, and signed sooo many autographs. and Big Big Thanks her mom Svetlana, if she didn’t give me the ticket, I won’t have this chance. I will remember this all my life. below a slide show for the photos in the media room, some were taken by Oleg Naumov and Israel photographer Don Wikingi

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5 Responses to Picture of the Day: Me and Zhenya and the Mosaic Poster in the Media Room-Montpellier 2011

  1. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Satya Pal, sorry, I just saw your comment now >< yes Zhenya knows English, a little, her English is not very good though…

  2. Satya Pal says:

    Hey Does Zhenya Know English because she wrote To Zoe and autograph is in english.

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Alyna, nice to see you on ZKG again 🙂 Thank you very much !!! This week is really a magic, I will never forget it and will remember it very often I think. Maybe one day, I will fly to OMSK to meet Zhenya and Svetlana again, and it’s not in a competition, we can sit together sharing a tea time something like that…

    @Ana, thank you too for your congratulations, yes the “flash” part is really funny XD I laughed all the times when I thought about it.

  4. Alyona says:

    I am so happy for you Zoe!!! Your dream has come true! One more time your story proves that if you wish something really much, then one day sooner or later it will happen)). I am sure that was an unforgettable experience for you and it will stay as nice memory with you forever. I also think that you got a good motivation to continue working on ZKG after meeting Zhenya and her mom in person. Once again I express my happiness for you! You know how to get to the target)) and that is really cool!!!

  5. Ana says:

    oh Zoe!! what a wonderful history, I laughed so hard at the “flash in fron of me” part lol 😀
    very happy for you!

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