Impression: II International Trophy Catalonia, in Barcelona written by Maron

Written by a Spanish RG fan-Maron, a very very good article/ impression, Maron sent this letter to me by PM, it’s sooo beautiful and touching, and I can read Maron wrote this letter with her true heart! So I asked her allowing me to post her article here. Many thanks Maron’s permission! You are not a crazy fan Maron! You are a true RG fan! You can feel the emotions that gymnasts transmit and you watch RG with good views, that’s very important!!!  

Yesterday was the II international trophy catalonia, in Barcelona (Spain) and Kanaeva assisted… It was the first time in my life that I went to a rythmic competition and I was very nervous to see it but I didn’t really know or expect what I was going to see and feel. I have always loved rythmic gymnastics all my life, and my dream was to become a gymnast (not necessary competing because I doubt I would be near as good as one of the internationals (saying Kanaeva is greater words hehe)) But my parents didn’t let me practice the sport because they thought I could damage my back etc (even so I bought
all the apparatus and did my best at home hehe) nevertheless I have been a fan of rythmic gymnastics since I was four or five that’s why to see her performing those difficult elements in front of me made it more special and a dream. When I entered the stadium, Zhenya was training with other gymnast, I can’t describe what I felt, I just said to myself I can’t believe it, she is down there training, oh some elements she does it’s even more impressive here than in TV! I just couldn’t stop admiring her. I also noticed how she watched other gymnast train, very serious but not with envy it seemed as she was also learning from her rivals, I saw it as something very good from her.

She opened the competition with hoop ( My boyfriend came with me) and he said he liked the music, but I was so spellbound I couldn’t say a word, Kanaeva was really beautiful, the routine was perfect! Ball the same! I just couldn’t believe it! She was a few meters from me! I have always liked her routines on TV but seeing her here was so different, so was wonderful, then she did her clubs routine (my favorite of this year along with ribbon) that if on TV it’s impressive and difficult, live it’s even more!! I had my mouth open! How she handles the clubs is astonishing, even though Bolero is used many times I don’t know why but when Zhenya does her routine it sounds and looks like a completely different music, as if it has something of her…amazing!! But when I saw her ribbon routine I think I flied into a dream, it was magical, she really transmitted many things that on TV you think she is more serious and just concentrated in difficulties, wrong! She enjoys she transmits
and she is like a princess I really improved my vision of her in that!! I liked her even more after seeing her performance!! But my time came when it was podium time! I was just sitting in the terraces beside the podium, so I would see her when they give her the medals, I was at her left.. when she came to the podium, first I was ashamed to shout but happiness passed over so I started shouting her name a lot of times! *KANAEVA, Kanaeva, Zhenya!!* she turned and smiled, and waved, oh my god I felt literally in love with her smile! so happy so beautiful so sincere! She went to podium every time because she deserved it and every time I shouted and when she looked smiled at her and waved she waved back, and one time she turned back and I think she looked at me in the eyes and send me a kiss, then to the rest of the public but really to me! I started bouncing I felt so so so happy, and special! My boyfriend even said: “oh my god she is not going to forget you in her entire life!” because he saw the moment I had with her and that I didn’t stop cheering her the whole event!!

Gala was amazing too, really lovely, she was so sympathetic with all gymnasts, no rivalry, she smiled at Natalia Garcia, talked with Maksymenko and Miteva and wide smiled at them all, that really means no real rivalry. She is beautiful in the inside and in the outside, Zhenya princess!!

Well this is the summary of my day and what I felt, …….. (Note by Zoe Wan: delete the following words due to that’s personal message to me and Zhenya) And I want to thank Zhenya for all the moments you gaved me yesterday, I am passing a hard time in my
life right now but she made me so happy and special I think I will never be able to thank her enough… when the competition finished and my bf drive me home.. I started crying, they were tears of happiness and joy..yes I’m strange but I can’t really describe what all meant…I’m not a crazy fan I swear!! >.< I just admire her as a person and a gymnast!! I think you understand me WanWan!! I know I can’t go to every competiton because of money etc (I will try to go but it’s difficult..) but be sure Zhenya I will be cheering you from home, in every competiton, Montpellier 2011, London 2012 all! If you come to Spain again I will go and see you!

Oh and I don’t know what she thought about the Almudena Cid video she did, but hehe not all Spanish are like that ^^U

Thank you for all Evgenya Kanaeva, your dream is my dream I wish you all my best and luck, you deserve to win Olympics! and everything you propose!

GO ZHENYA!!!!!!!

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4 Responses to Impression: II International Trophy Catalonia, in Barcelona written by Maron

  1. I like Evgenya kanaeva because she is a very good gymnast i do gymnastics is well:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Que hermosa carta! Y que bien que pudiste ver a Zhenya… Para mi es simplemente la mejor gimnasta que ha existido en todos los tiempos!

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Maron, I forward your beautiful/ touching letter to Zhenya and her mom Svetlana yesterday…Svetlana replied me very quickly 🙂 She is very touched by your letter, she will translate your letter for Zhenya for sure! !!! As I said to you few days ago, Svetlana is a very very nice and kind person! I am her BIG FAN! hahaha 😀

  4. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Maron, my favorite part of your article is “I also noticed how she watched other gymnast train, very serious but not with envy it seemed as she was also learning from her rivals, I saw it as something very good from her.”
    Really very good observation! And that’s why I admire Zhenya sooo much! She mentioned many times every gymnast is special and she can learn many things from others! And from what you wrote she tells the truth 🙂

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