Three Events in a Row…Trofeo BPV ex Cariprato-25-June-2011

( CariPrato 2011-TV coverage, It’s a highlight for this competition. shows only Zhenya’s Hoop and Ball. video from this website: )


Zhenya’s next stop will be in Toscana, Italy, for the competition-Trofeo BPV ex Cariprato-25-June-2011, a competition Zhenya participates almost every year since 2003…she only missed 2008, that year RUS sent Kondakova…

OK I really don’t like this, three events in a row after EC Minsk 2011!!! And from my friend’s impression of Barcelona last weekend Zhenya looked a bit tired…I am wondering if she doesn’t return to Russia since the Korean All Stars’ exhibition show…Zhenya is not a teenager anymore…I hope Russia RG federation can pay more attention on her health, what’s the purpose to send her to sooo many events every year??? and why again Cariprato? She had taken part in this competition for 7 years!!! Can’t RUS RG federation send other younger gymnasts instead? They should give more chance to the younger ones for this kind small competition, Zhenya is the No.1 in RUS team…and it’s not because this competition is small, it’s because Zhenya doesn’t have any rest since EC 2011!!! Then why still send her, I really don’t get it! Zhenya was very tired @the end of 2008, 2009 and 2010, she got some injuried in the past three years…2008-knee, 2009-foot, knee and back, 2010-back…Please don’t torment her body, I can’t see this, it break my heart everytime when I was watching her to endure the  pain of her body to compete….I always remembered she was like this in World Games 2009, just the 1st day her left knee injuried, she even was not able to walk properly when she didn’t do routines…and this just happened in the front of my eyes…I would rather to miss her live performance and don’t want to see her suffering…:(((

Moreover, she was sick last Nov. because she went to Spain for a RG club’s training camp and then she was called back to Moscow to meet President, after seeing President, she flew back to Spain for that training camp immedately, all these happened within one week and then she was ill…her mom told me she has been ill for a long time, so she was unable to train most of time, and due to this she missed many competitions in the beginning of this year… Anyway, I am just a fan, Zhenya’s schedule is not decided by me, since she will go, then hopefully everything will be fine for her and she can really get a break after this competition!

Wish Zhenya All the BEST!!! God Bless You!!!

Report for today’s competition
Senior result-AA and EF at the same time, Zhenya won all! Congratulations Zhenya!!! For me I am very glad finally she can have some rest now :D
Team competition result
Junior result

Participants list (from an Italian forum many many Thanks!!!)
(AZE) Azerbaidjan
Zeynab JAVADLI, ginnasta senior
Lala YUSIFOVA, ginnasta junior


(BUL) Bulgaria
Sara STAYKOVA, ginnasta senior
Veronica YORDANOVA, ginnasta junior


(CZE) Repubblica Ceca
Monica MICKOVA, ginnasta senior
Lucie RICHTEROVA, ginnasta junior


(FRA) Francia
Marine LETUL, ginnasta junior


(ISR) Israele
Viktoria FILONOVSKY, ginnasta senior
Efrat SLUTSKOVSKY, ginnasta junior


(KAZ) Kazakhstan
Marina PETRAKOVA, ginnasta senior
Adriana SARIBAY, ginnasta junior


(ROM) Romania
Stefania CHIRIAC, ginnasta senior
Adina ZOICA, ginnasta junior


(RUS) Russia
Eugenia KANAEVA, ginnasta senior (VIP)
Anna KADOCHNIKOVA, ginnasta junior
Anastazia KADOCHNIKOVA, ginnasta junior


(TUR) Turchia
Elif Zeynep CELEP, ginnasta senior
Selin KILAVUZ, ginnasta junior


(UZB) Uzbekistan
Ulyana TROFIMOVA, ginnasta senior
Mayya FILIPPOVA, ginnasta junior


(ITA) Italia
Julieta CANTALUPPI, ginnasta senior
Federica FEBBO, ginnasta senior
Alessia MARCHETTO, ginnasta senior
Chiara DI BATTISTA, ginnasta junior
Giulia PALA, ginnasta junior
Giulia DI LUCA, ginnasta junior
Merlo GRETA, ginnasta junior

我真的不喜歡這樣…歐錦賽後連續三周了, 連續三周都有活動…有甚麼理由要讓自己國家隊裡的一號一直去參加活動, 然後其他人在休息??? 我在想, 是否小兔寶這段時間都沒回國…小兔寶在RG來說已經不年輕了, 她不是十幾歲的年輕選手了. 這樣短時間內到處飛來飛去, 就算是年輕選手也受不了吧. 去年11月下旬不就是因為在一周內飛西班牙參加一個俱樂部的RG訓練營, 然後被叫回莫斯科見總統, 之後馬上又飛回西班牙參加訓練營, 結果因為太勞累就生病了. 一病還病的很久, 導致她不能正常練習, 因而影響今年初的比賽賽程, 錯過好幾個比賽…

我希望俄羅斯體操協會能更關心她的身體健康! 從2008年開始, 她每年身體都有些狀況, 就算不是非常嚴重, 也不能輕忽啊! 每次只要看到她忍著痛楚在比賽就覺得心好痛…09世運就是如此…膝蓋才第一天比賽就傷了, 之後包著繃帶比賽, 走路都一跛一跛的, 我寧願看不到她現場表演, 也不想看她這樣辛苦 >”< 總之, 這不是我能決定的, 我只是個fan, 既然賽程已經排定, 就希望她能好好發揮, 享受比賽. 之後希望她真的就可以休息. 暫時不再有活動…參賽名單請看上面英文版, 是義大利論壇上提供的資訊, 非常感謝!!!

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14 Responses to Three Events in a Row…Trofeo BPV ex Cariprato-25-June-2011

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    uploaded Zhenya’s Hoop and Ball+Awards Ceremony-Senior and Team-TV coverage to vimeo
    Awards Ceremony-Senior and Team:

    And this is CariPrato 2011 videos album (4 videos)

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    uploaded CariPrato 2011-TV coverage to ZKG Vimeo Channel
    It’s a highlight for this competition. shows only Zhenya’s Hoop and Ball

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya’s gala-CariPrato 2011, thanks GiocosaTheQueen

  4. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Warming up and training-CariPrato 2011, thanks giocosathequeen for sharing, from 4:31 Zhenya

  5. Anonymous says:

    yes,i think too.but she won the competion,thats not bad.

    i didn´t know that xsleepingAwakex is here too…:D


  6. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Report for today’s competition
    Senior result-AA and EF at the same time, Zhenya won all! Congratulations Zhenya!!! For me I am very glad finally she can have some rest now 😀

    Click to access allegato_5116.pdf

    Team competition result

    Click to access allegato_5118.pdf

    Junior result

    Click to access allegato_5117.pdf

  7. xSleepingAwakex says:

    I’m glad to hear that 😀 thanks, Zoe! :*

  8. ZKG-WanWan says:

    CariPrato is the last competition for Zhenya before rest 🙂 after this event she will have some rest…I got this information from Zhenya’s mom Svetlana 🙂 Good for Zhenya!

  9. xSleepingAwakex says:

    I also think Zhenya should rest a bit, it’s been a long time since I saw her beeing so tired – her balances arenot stable, her knees start to bend, she looses apparatus… It breaks my heart seeing her so tired, I hope she’ll not get injured ;( ;( ;(

    Zhenya, we all support you and keep our fingers crossed for you. :*

  10. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Ana, I don’t know what is Zhenya’s detailed schedule, but IMO it’s better to stay in Spain then fly to Italy…except she has something to do and has to go back to Russia
    I don’t see many different between this year and last year-Zhenya’s schedule…She has participated 10 events till now (well I counted CariPrato since it’s confirmed that she will go…) almost the same with 2010 at the same time..but the worst and hardest schedule is 2009! Definitely!

  11. Ana says:

    so she´ll stay in Spain until cariprato?? or she´ll go back to Russia and then to Italy??
    that´s quite a crazy schedule but I think last year´s schedule was much worst…

  12. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Laura: I changed your name for you, you left comment with your e-mail address XD anyway, don’t worry I changed it 😀
    And thanks your comment, but I still think the Russian Team and Zhenya herself must take more care of her body, because health is the most important thing in the world IMO! Not to wait it’s too late then to regret! Actually she was not that good in CariPrato last year, and didn’t enjoy it if I am not mistaken, it was from an Italian friend’s impression…Never mind, I just wish her all the best and have fun there this weekend.

  13. Laura says:

    I agree with you, Zoe.
    But from what I see, in July there’s no competitions anymore (at least big ones). So I hope Zhenya takes a big
    break during next month.
    I know its very hard going to a different place every week, but on the other hand, Zhenya is used to travelling so much…I know this is so bumpy anyway…But, thinking about it, that’s another thing which makes me admire Zhenechka more and more. Despite the twists and turns, she is still able to make very good routines and make us dream everytime we see her. Even when injured, Zhenya shows us what she is able to do as if she werent…And what is most important IMO, always she goes to the carpet, and goes out of it with a smile! Even she needs to cry (like in the 2009 World Games with her knee injury), she shows her beautiful smile… always with a huge smile!! When I see her smiling I can’t either stop doing it !!!
    Like a beautiful song says:
    Just remember to smile smile smile,
    And turn the world around.
    Smile smile smile
    Smile smile smile
    C’mon show us your teeth and
    what you got underneath
    And it will make things so much better,
    When you’re feeling low.

    As well as you said, I’m a fan too and I can’t neither do anything ..Just support her a her mum…
    And I really think she knows that, that she’s got fans who will never stop supporting her!!!

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