Koop Cup 2011-Toronto, Canada-21-23 Jan 2011

** EDIT on 24-Jan-2011**
Zhenya didn’t compete only did gala performance…the reason, please read my comment below…
This is Zhenya’s first competition of 2011!
Soon, we will see her new routines, hopefully someone will upload videos.
Senior competition schedule: 9:00-18:00-22 Jan. 2011 (local time)
Toronto is GMT-5
Wish Zhenya all the BEST !!! GOOD LUCK TO HER !!! давай !!! DAVAI !!!

Koop Cup website: http://www.kalev.net/Koop%20Cup/index.html
Koop Cup blog: http://koopcup.blogspot.com/
Koop Cup facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/2011-Koop-Cup-International-RG-AGG-Competition/174863659210412

BTW, this year is the 60th anniversary of Koop Cup!
**EDIT on 24-Jan-2011**
小兔寶因為之前生病, 長時間感冒, 沒法練習, 新成套準備不及, 因此這次只做了gala表演, 沒參加比賽
北美東岸時間本週六她將到加拿大多倫多參加-Koop Cup 2011
成年組的比賽時間: 9:00-18:00-22 Jan. 2011 (當地時間)
多倫多的時間是GMT-5 (跟台灣差13個小時)
祝小兔寶 好運 旗開得勝 !!! 新賽季加油 !!!

Koop Cup website: http://www.kalev.net/Koop%20Cup/index.html
Koop Cup blog: http://koopcup.blogspot.com/
Koop Cup facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/2011-Koop-Cup-International-RG-AGG-Competition/174863659210412

順帶一提, 今年是Koop Cup 60 週年紀念!

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12 Responses to Koop Cup 2011-Toronto, Canada-21-23 Jan 2011

  1. @Ana, I also thought this song “who wants to live forever” is the best choice for the Sweet Lemon gala. Anyway, I think soon Zhenya will have a real new one, her performance in Koop Cup is just a interim…

  2. Ana says:

    I´m very happy that Zhenya arrived a day before.

    my thoughts and prayers are with the Russian people.

    new gala looks ok, but I didn´t like the music.
    too bad I couldn´t see the “who wants to live forever gala” more times, it could have been even more lovely (the same goes with “la monture” gala)

  3. Michel says:

    I’m glad, that Evgeniya had luck. I’m sorry for the victims… very likely, also a German among the dead 😦

  4. João Lucas says:

    Oh, thanks for that, Zoe. It’s good to know that Zhenya is in safe.

  5. Zhenya had returned to Moscow! “Thank GOD she returned to Domodedovo just the day before the terrible thing happened. It was about the same time but the day before….She flew by herself , Vera Efremovna didn’t go to Canada”
    Svetlana told me in her e-mail…
    My condolences to the victims, REST IN PEACE!
    收到小兔媽媽的信了, 小兔寶已經安全的回到莫斯科, 幸好她是在炸彈攻擊前一天抵達Domodedovo機場! 感謝上帝!
    這次小兔寶是自己一個人去加拿大, Shtelbaums沒有去.
    向罹難者致哀悼之意, REST IN PEACE!

  6. Michel says:

    Ohh poor Evgeniya :(, I hope she is really healthy again. The best for you Schenja!

  7. I just received Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana’s letter…she said: “she was sick for some time, has got long on-going cold, so wasn’t able to practice a lot. So she is not taking part neither in Montreal WC nor in the Koop Cup competition. She was @Toronto only for Gala” 😦 T_T

    Oh poor Zhenya, I hope you are full recovery now and ready for further competitions.

  8. Michel says:

    Sweet Lemon is back :). But this cruel music….

  9. Zhenya’s gala @Koop Cup. Thanks uploader! Music: “never let go” by Josh Groban

  10. Hello Tatiana my friend, very happy to see you here 🙂 and Ana wants to thank you very very much for the lyrics of Kadril Veselaya ♥

  11. Tatiana says:

    Go Zhenia!!! You are the best!!! Good luck!!!

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