Due to the recent move of ‘Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium’ from Windows Live Space to WordPress, there is a slight distortion of the layout and appearance of the original materials. In the case of irritation and inconvenience, please accept my apology and allow me time to do the needed adjustments. It is my heart desire for this blog to become a platform in which all the fans of Zhenya Kanaeva can come together. May you continually enjoy your visits. Thank you very much for your support.

WanWan and catts

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1 Response to Announcement

  1. Many many Thanks catts for writing this annoucement !!!
    I was moved when I read his words, especially the latter part!
    非常感激catts幫我代寫這篇公告!!! 寫得太好了,我讀的時候甚至覺得感動!

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