Zhenya Documentary English Subtitle: Evgenia Kanaeva-Can’t Be Better

Alyona finally finished Zhenya’s documentary English subtitle and uploaded to youtube!
Original file by RussianCup2009, English translation by Alyona and
KapraFan, subtitles by Alyona
Billion Billion Thanks for them! Especially for Alyona! Big Effort!!!

Evgenia Kanaeva: Can’t Be Better Part1

Evgenia Kanaeva: Can’t Be Better Part2

Evgenia Kanaeva: Can’t Be Better Part3

Evgenia Kanaeva: Can’t Be Better Part4

Alyona太強大了!!!!!! 已經做好英文字幕然後上傳到Youtube。
我替所有的Zhenya Fans感謝你!!!!!!

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14 Responses to Zhenya Documentary English Subtitle: Evgenia Kanaeva-Can’t Be Better

  1. Michel says:

    How I always say, to each his own opinion!, everything else would be boring :). (Almost) everything has its justification, including this documentary – for some more, for others less. Whether more interesting than "Steps…" or not… in any case she is not entirely unnecessary.

  2. Wan and catts says:

    Thank you very much, Alyona 🙂 your comments is very interesting. especially the part that you said you guessed Zhenya\’s answer when you watched p.s. part first time. I love Zhenya\’s reaction, answers to those questions and also her facial expression. and Zhenya responded very well. her answers just like what she would say.

  3. alyona says:

    Oh, what a hot polemic about the documentary)))))) May I put in some words?)))))First of all, I liked the way this film was make. "Steps to success" was very successful )))))), and there was no need to make the same kind of documentary. That\’s why I was very interested to see something different. I liked the way this film was made – in a form of a quiz. Of course, after all the interviews, short clips and "Steps to success" documentary there is not so much new to reveal about Zhenya, but the way they asked the questions let the viewer observe her reaction, facial expression and inner struggle (because in some moments it was clear that she kept herself from being sharp). I don\’t find the P.S. part stupid, because those simple questions give you food for thought and you have a chance to interpret Zhenya\’s answers the way you understand and feel her. For example, when I watched it for the first time, I tried to answer on her behalf before she gave answer herself. This way I could check how well I know and understand Zhenya. I muct say that I succeed in about 90%))))). Of course, some questions were annoying (about boys and occupation of a prospective spouse) – but these were the questions the journalists like most of all, because they always need sensation and they tried to make Zhenya speak on the topic she never discusses openly. As you know, they didn\’t succeed and it also made me happy!))))))In general, I find this documentary very interesting and different from what we can usually see on TV. Sorry for the long post and thank you everyone who could follow me till the last word)))) I love you all!!!

  4. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel: that\’s because you are Zhenya fans so you are interested in that long talk, but not everyone can keep concentrated to watch the whole long conversation documentary. That\’s why the part of Novogorsk and Zhenya\’s training in "Steps to Success" was viewed most in youtube! I also love "Steps to Success" very much. I just think for those not Zhenya fans it\’s a bit hard to finish their watching.I agreed this new documentary show not much news. but that\’s because I already read many many Zhenya\’s interviews. actually even "Steps to Success" is not very news for me when I watched it. But to see real person talked in video is very different with reading interviews in articles. I love to see Zhenya\’s facial expression, it\’s interesting. Plus, I am still impressed by some Zhenya, Shtelbaums, her Mom and Sesina\’s talking in "Can\’t be Better". and the P.S. part just like to ask your preferences. no need to take it so serious. I don\’t know I just don\’t think those questions are stupid.

  5. Michel says:

    I find, just this long talk is that interesting! In "Steps to success" they show much more about Evgenia. "Can\’t be better" is more "small talk", mostly only small interesting details: The first two parts show nothing new, the third a bit and the four is only "small talk" (maybe 2-3 interesting questions).

  6. Wan and catts says:

    "Steps to Success" is good, but it\’s too much talk. so for those not Zhenya fans maybe will get bored about it. because most of time is a very long conversation. and among the 4 parts of "Steps to Success" that I uploaded to youtube, most viewed is part2. and much higher than the other 3 parts. why? I think it\’s because part2 is about Novogorsk and Zhenya\’s training sessions. not always talk and not that boring for some people.And this one is presented in a different way, I think is easier to watch for general people.BTW, I love when Zhenya talked about she cried often and Shtelbaums & Sesina\’s comments about this especiallly Sesina\’s. very interesting 🙂 Zhenya is so cute. No wonder Shtelbaums ever said Zhenya\’s emotion overflowed. 😀

  7. Laura says:

    I think the interview is strange, but it\’s very interesting too. Now, I know a little more about Zhenya. =)I also think that Zhenya didn\’t like some of the questions, she didn\’t feel confortable in some of the moments.Thanks Alyona and KapraFan translation 😀

  8. Michel says:

    @ZoeI definitely prefer "Steps to Success", a great documentary. But you\’re right, by such documentaries / interviews can be RG a little bit better known. But only because they are translated on the Internet (thanks Alyona & Co), in foreign countries, they hardly seem on TV :(.Congratulation for the nomination "Sweet Lemon" 🙂

  9. Wan and catts says:

    Zhenya is nominated for Best Athlete of April by Russian Channel 2. Actually She was nominated for Best athlete of a month for many many times before but never won it. after all, even in Russia RG is not that popular comparing with football, hockey and some professional sports. I think she won\’t win it this time either. But to be nominated has been a honor already. Congratulations to Zhenya!!!http://news.sportbox.ru/Vidy_sporta/Sport/Zolotoy_Pjedestal/spbnews_Zolotoy-piedestal-Viberi-luchshego-sportsmena-aprelyahttp://news.sportbox.ru/Vidy_sporta/hud_gimnastika/spbvideo_Zolotoy-piedestal-Luchshiy-sportsmen-aprelya-S1-Evgeniya-Kanaeva

  10. Wan and catts says:

    I know she said : "finish" at the end. but for me some questions just for fun. nothing serious. Zhenya is a simple and modest girl like Shtelbaums said: she don\’t like to show off. I think She doesn\’t like that much to give an interview. But like she said before those interviews are good for sports, make it more popular. and I just read an American comment he was glad can get a glimpse into the lives of these gymnasts, because in America there is not much RG. Anyway, I still think this is an interesting documentary, although I also prefer "Steps to Success".

  11. Michel says:

    Yes, few questions are interesting, but I think for Evgenia was some questions apparently themselves stupid, in the end she says self "finish". Look her sight at some questions…

  12. Wan and catts says:

    I don\’t think this interview strange. on the contrary I think it\’s interesting. and for me the P.S. part questions just funny. (p.s. actually I had read the english translation text last week)

  13. Michel says:

    What a strange interview….. I think Evgenia had enough at the end – really a few stupid questions! *head shaking*

  14. Wan and catts says:

    Thank you Thank you very much Alyona!!!!!!!!! Great work, Magnificent. and Many thanks KapraFan and RussianCup2009!!!!!強者Alyona!!!!!!!!!! 字幕全部上傳完畢!!!!!! 拜服!!!!! 大大感謝Alyona, KapraFan and RussianCup2009

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