Zhenya arrived in OMSK in the early morning of 22.Apr.2010

Zhenya finally returned to her hometwon OMSK after EC.
She arrived in the early morning yesterday.
Here’s the news clip
Original video Link: http://omsk.rfn.ru/rnews.html?id=11281347&cid=7

(Translated by Alyona, Big Thanks!!!!)
Zhenya said:
the way from Bremen lasted for two days by bus and they didn’t
sleep properly for three nights. She doesn’t plan any rest, because in
the beginning of May she will take part in World Cup in France.

And here’s a news said that Zhenya will take part in a RG competition ceremony this afternoon
回家隔天就有活動,要參加一個OMSK RG比賽的開幕式,好忙啊,小兔寶多保重身體啊。

And I uploaded an old news clip which was saved in my computer for a long time,it was two years ago Zhenya arrived in OMSK after EC Torino 2008. Time flies! I don’t even know Zhenya when she won all-around @EC Torino!

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15 Responses to Zhenya arrived in OMSK in the early morning of 22.Apr.2010

  1. Wan and catts says:

    Thank you all my friends…Today is Natalia and her sister\’s funeral May God Bless Natalia\’s family and Rest in Peace Natalia.

  2. marie-angélique says:

    I learnt this tragedy yesterday…I was very shocked…My sympathy to the family…rip

  3. Ира says:

    I still cannot believe it…(I\’m copying the words which an important person pronounced a few days ago )Good travel to the eternity, Natalia.

  4. Laura says:

    I\’m very sorry to hear about the death of Natalia Lavrova. Yesterday, all Spanish newspapers informed about this terrible happening. Her sister died too and she was pregnant…Is terrible.My deepest sympathy to their family.

  5. alyona says:

    I am shocked…………….. How could this happen??? She was so young and full of life……. My deepest condolences to Natalia\’s family……………….

  6. Wan and catts says:

    貓 : 謝謝你的"專程表示" and I can\’t stop to cry now…Zhenya don\’t cry it break my heart to see you being sad…

  7. feeva says:


  8. RC says:


  9. Wan and catts says:

    I knew Zhenya must be very sad about the death of Natalia Lavrova, just got Zhenya Mom\’s letter she said Zhenya is sitting home and crying from sorrow……..我知道小兔寶知道Natalia Lavrova去世的消息一定很難過, 小兔媽媽剛寫信給我了, 說小兔寶哭得很傷心. 她安慰她好久…小兔寶別哭, 我看了都忍不住了

  10. feeva says:

    To 团长:专程表示,你这要叫晚就没有早的了……而且萌上又看现场是最幸福的,比看了现场才萌,或者看的虽然萌却不是最爱的那一个都幸福多啦~~~^0^多看比赛哦XD~~~~

  11. Wan and catts says:

    兔子, 說的也是. 緣分真的很奇妙吧. 喜歡選手也還是靠機運. 有的人萌上的時候可能那人已經退休了. 我雖說有點晚才認識小兔寶, 總算沒有太遲. 話說我覺得新聞影片裡似乎有閃過兔媽媽, 大概在第8秒跟第12秒, 第12秒時她幫小兔寶拿花.

  12. marie-angélique says:

    Oh my god, she looks so tired…While she was talking, she was just sleeping :DI already knew her when she was in Torino, she was like a little flower just happy to be there :)Coolmadgick

  13. RC says:


  14. Wan and catts says:


  15. RC says:


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