News: Zhenya+Shtelbaums-Press Conference @OMSK-23.Apr.2010

Zhenya and Shtelbuams made a press conference on 23.Apr.2010 @OMSK
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Newly formed European champion for ten days arrived in Omsk. She described the last tournament and admitted that she likes a fast pace of life.

In last Sunday in the German Bremen finished the European Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Evgenia Kanaeva reaffirmed the status of the fittest. Another omichka Xenia Dudkina in the junior team in the group exercises won first place. Our girls got their start at the Youth Olympics Games 2010 in Singapore. Newly champions and their coaches arrived in Omsk and talked about their successes.

Vera Shtelbaums coach Evgenia Kanaeva confessed that her ward were still some bugs and a small decline. But today Kanaeva so superior to their rivals that this decline did not stop her.

– The German public has taken us well – tells Shtelbaums. – Of course, not be compared with Spain, Portugal, Japan or France. The Germans are still people calm. But where were their gymnasts, they are actively sick. In addition, some 10 years in Germany there was no such recovery in our sport, it is now.

2 April Evgenia Kanaeva had a birthday. But she held it in the hall. Mark did not happen. Now at home she will be celebrating the victory and the birthday. On the question of the correspondent RIA Omsk-Inform, that excess champion can afford to eat at home, Evgenia reluctantly admitted:

– When I train, then eat less when I come home, something a little more. Prior to these events, I tried to eat less starchy foods, yesterday I ate at home flour.

Kanaeva and her coach prior to 2 May will be to train in Omsk, and then start new tournaments.

– The schedule is full. In early May, will be World Cup in France, as early as next week to host the competition in Spain, then – in Minsk, – says plans gymnast. – But I like this rhythm of life. Of course, sometimes we get tired, but that’s OK. My favorite countries – France, Italy and Japan. But Japan is far away.

– Can not say that we have much to see in different countries – continues Shtelbaums. Only training and competition. At the tour’s no time left. Previously, competition was in the autumn and spring. And now they are in winter. Season ends in the second half of December and beginning in February. But the rest can not be called. An urgent need to change the program, select music, coaching exercises. Tishchenko could miss six months, and never trained. We have this impossible. It is necessary to keep the shape. If you do not go in a month, it is very difficult to catch up. We have the right to miss only one Grand Prix. Otherwise we can not expect to win in the final. At the World Cup recruited rating, so miss them, too, is not desirable.

As for Xenia Dudkin, she and her coach Elena Araitz traveled to Bremen and back with adventures. It is all because the problems were with the aircraft, which were in Europe. They rode on a train from Moscow to Vilnius, and then 18 hours of traveling to Bremen on the bus. Total from Moscow, they traveled 40 hours, and the same amount of time traveling backward.

– Children traveling by bus, where the seats do not recline, – says Arajs. – Here we are, were, all won, and left.

Now Dudkina speak at the Youth Olympics. But this tournament so far, little is known.

– Xenia little rest and then go to the charges and will prepare for the first Youth Olympics Games – tells Arajs. – They have a very complex program. And Susie is very difficult party, she tries. Although it is not strange, the competition will not be same as the European Championship. They beat a strong team of Belarus and received a single ticket from Europe to the Olympics. There will be only teams representing their continents.

說的,GP也只能Miss個一次,不然就不能贏GP Final,就像去年一樣,參賽場次不足,所以總年度大獎賽的Winner就沒有小兔寶的份。World Cup也差不多,因為有積分考量。所以賽程還是排的很滿啊。
話說這次有OMSK Junior選手去比歐錦賽,是Group的,她的教練似乎是S奶奶的女兒。   

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7 Responses to News: Zhenya+Shtelbaums-Press Conference @OMSK-23.Apr.2010

  1. Wan and catts says:

    是啊, 我想GP那種俄羅斯不可能還帶上龐大的啦啦隊. S奶奶在訪問中答的很含蓄. 不過還是說了一下比不上西班牙, 葡萄牙, 日本 or 法國….and 文章提到這次回家要慶祝小兔寶生日的, 之前碰到比賽沒有慶祝. 我才剛想到4月24日是Shtelbaums的生日. 雖然過了. 祝 Shtelbaums 生日快樂!!! 保重身體, 希望Zhenya跟Shtelbaums師徒二人能一路相伴長長久久.

  2. RC says:


  3. Wan and catts says:

    sorry haha actually I am asking RC, I know you was not there last year.

  4. Michel says:

    I don\’t know, I was last year unfortunately not in Berlin… maybe this year.

  5. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel & RC: But the atmosphere in GP Berlin 2009 was much better right? German spectators were not that quiet in GP Berlin?

  6. RC says:

    @Michel: ich weiss auch nicht…><

  7. Michel says:

    The Germans are quiet, this is normal, only at our own gymnasts, we freaked out! The loudest were definitely in the hall the Russian fans, I sat directly in the Russian block – the fans were totally crazy, that can RC only confirm *g*.PS @ RC: I don\’t know till this day, what the Russian men wanted to say us 🙂

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