Zhenya Short Documentary: Kanaeva Road to London (Spanish TV)

This is a short documentary made by spanish TV this year!
Billion Thanks ipt for recording and upload. and many thanks Laura.
Download Link:
Please DON’T upload to youtube,thanks!

Below is Laura’s english translation: big big thanks to her!  紅心紅心紅心

At the age of 19, Evgenia Kanaeva has already won everything which is possible to win. During 2008 this young and introverted Russian girl who was the reserved-gymnast in the Russian team, became the leader of the World Cup and got the Gold Medal in Beijing. Last year, in the most important competition, World Championship she caused a sensation winning 6 gold medals.

Zhenya: I don’t think about all my triumphs, I will think about it later, when I leave the sport. I’m still very active and I want to concentrate myself on all of this that I’m able to win, on the way to improve myself more and more. I’m thinking about getting good results and performing excellent routines in all competitions in which I’m going to take part. But of course I feel an incredible sensation because I have won the Olympic and World Championships. 

Although, nowadays she is in an unattainable level, there’re a lot of gymnasts who are decreasing the distance with the aim for stealing her throne. But with her hard trainings and with the orders of her coaches Irina Viner and Vera Shtelbaums, Kanaeva continues searching new challenges and victories.

Zhenya: I don’t want to see other gymnasts beating me and I don’t want to disappoint my coaches because they are always helping me during the intense trainings and competitions. I will continue working hard everyday because I want to keep my level. My goal is to win my second Olympic Gold medal. I don’t know how to get it, but this is my objective. Now, I’m not thinking about it, but having a goal like this is something very special. I think all athletes have a main dream: take part in the Olympic Games.

Best athletes aspire to achieve the highest level and when they have got it they find new problems in front of them. Athletes and coaches expectations grow up, but directives expectations are growing up too.

Zhenya: when you compete, the requirements are too high and the reason is why you need to achieve the maximum level and when you have certain level, the best level, there are a lot of eyes seeing you: people’s eyes and judges’ eyes. All of them are concentrated on searching all of your mistakes. I make a big effort because I want to perform impeccably, but if you are in a high level your fall is very steep. This is the reason why I always try to give my best, but at the same time I don’t want to think about it too much because this is very important too.

Nowadays, this young Russian gymnast has never hesitated. She is still a teenager and her best years are still ahead of her. Despite having a bid glass cabinet full of medals she has not got any intention to decrease her rhythm.

Zhenya: this year isn’t planned yet, but we have the European Championship in April, the world Championship in Russia and all the World Cups. We have other European Championship the next year and other World Championship before the Olympics. Naturally all depends on the results which I get and it depends on the competitors too. But of course I hope achieves my second Olympic Gold Medal.
中文翻譯 by m_nn: 大感謝 !!!


Zhenya: 我不去想我已经赢得了多少——这等到我将来退役的时候再说。现在我还在积极地参加比赛,我希望自己更专注于运动,全力争取每一个胜利。具体说就是每一次,在我参加的任何比赛中,我都尽力争取好成绩、展现完美的表演。当然,赢得了奥运会冠军和去年的世锦赛金牌,这感觉是非常棒的。


Zhenya: 我不想看到被对手超过,也不想看到我的教练失望——她们一直在陪伴我、帮助我训练和比赛,我会每天努力训练,保持现在的水准,目标就是能够蝉联奥运会冠军 ——我还不知道如何能够做到,但这就是我的目标。我现在尽力不去特别地想这方面,但有这样的目标在前方指引一定是很特别的;而且我认为,它也是所有运动员的梦想——参加奥运会,给自己的职业生涯一个特别的时刻。


Zhenya: 你一次次比赛,对你的要求总是非常高,要求你保持最高水准;而一旦你取得了好的成绩,就会有更多双眼睛关注你,无论来自普通人还是来自裁判。所有人都会更加注意地去找你的弱点和错误,而不是你的优点。我努力地做到去争取完美,但当你在一个非常高的平面上时,摔倒总是更加显眼。因此 ,这也是为什么我一直尽力争取做到我自己的最好。但同时也不能总是想太多这些,这也很重要。


Zhenya: 整年的计划还没有做的很细,但四月份我们有欧锦赛,然后世锦赛今年是在俄罗斯,加上其他的比赛,诸如巡回大奖赛,然后在下届奥运会之前,还有一届欧锦赛,以及世锦赛。自然而然,一切取决于你在这类锦标赛上的成绩,跟什么对手比赛,等等,但当然,我希望能够在伦敦2012赢得我的第二枚奥运金牌。


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8 Responses to Zhenya Short Documentary: Kanaeva Road to London (Spanish TV)

  1. Wan and catts says:

    I sent this video to Zhenya\’s Mom yesterday and Laura\’s translation as well. She downloaded it and said thanks to Laura for the translation. She love this video and Spanish. :)))

  2. Wan and catts says:

    @Alyona and Laura: XDDD@m_nn: 呵,熟悉小兔寶的人應該聽到那句話都會覺得好笑吧。不過在媒體面前她看起來很內向也是事實。Alyona也說過她接受訪問時,回答問題都很簡短,看得出來她還是不太習慣接受訪問。

  3. Laura says:

    @Alyona:You\’re welcome!! :)haha for me is strange understand what she says :DAbout make-up, Zhenya is pretty with or without make-up. =)

  4. m_nn says:


  5. alyona says:

    Laura, thank you very much for your translation! It was very strange for me to watch Zhenya and not being able to understand what she says))). Thanks again!!!

  6. Michel says:

    @ Zoe:Yes, Evgenia looks most better without make-up. I wrote it few days ago about a picture: "It looks great, but Evgenia hasn\’t the whole make-up necessary. I find, less is sometimes more…"

  7. Wan and catts says:

    看到說Zhenya是個內向的女孩就覺得好笑, 她一點也不內向吧. 小兔媽媽都說了從小她就很容易跟陌生人交往 & 聊天的. 還有很喜歡看她不化妝, 很鄰家女孩的樣子. (Love)(Love)(Love)"introverted Russian girl" hehehe Zhenya is not introverted at all! Her Mom Svetlana already said Zhenya is easy to relate to people from her childhood. and I love Zhenya without make-up, like a next-door girl.

  8. Michel says:

    Nice little documentary, thanks for sharing and translate!

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