Best People of Russia


I found this website:
It’s to choose the Best Peoples of Russia, many famous people are on the candidates list included all ages and foreigners such as: Michael Jackson. even Cheburashka is on the list
Zhenya is on the Candidates list too, here’s her page:
click ”
Посмотреть биографию” can see her brief bio.
Very nice words about Zhenya on the main introduction!
just like an outstanding youth but that’s just same with my impression about Zhenya
this is an excerpt, translated by google…
“Despite the fantastic achievement and a natural talent, Evgenia Kanaeva, continue to strengthen the training, not resting on our laurels. Trainers emphasize its high hard work and tremendous willpower. An interesting fact is that Kanaeva very sociable and friendly person, despite her young age, and typical of her ambition and “stardom”. It is not characteristic of arrogance or contempt, by contrast, Evgenia Kanaeva even has a nickname – “Mother Teresa” – because of the increased care and permanent custody of young gymnasts.
Honored Master of Sports, a multiple winner of national and international competitions, Evgenia Kanaeva – young star of rhythmic gymnastics. Beautiful, talented, smart, goal-oriented … it is impossible to enumerate all the advantages of this athlete! Evgenia Kanaeva – present and future of our country.” 

Even though Zhenya is not on the top ranking in this voting, but I am glad she is on the list. BTW, Kabaeva, Tchachina are also on the list.
昨天半夜搜到的, 是個票選, Best People of Russia,

候選人從古至今, 也包含外國人, 不僅僅只是俄羅斯人, 例如有Michael Jackson. 甚至著名的卡通角色Cheburashka都上榜了.
Zhenya也在榜單上, 這是她的頁面:
點 ” Посмотреть биографию
” 可以看到她的生平簡歷
頁面的簡介把她寫的很好啊, 用google翻譯了下, 根本就是傑出青年, 模範生!
不過本來嘛, Zhenya給我印象一直就是這樣的了

BTW, Kabaeva, Tchachina等也都在榜單上.

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