Zhenya-Desk Calendar 2010


12張桌曆照片我放到相片區了: 我是用掃瞄的
Zhenya-Desk Calendar-2010

Today I received my Zhenya-Desk Calendar-2010,It’s a free gift from my internet company。
Sooo hard for me to pick just TWELVE photos from my tremendous collections!
Anyway, I finally chose these 12 photos。
Some are for Zhenya’s major achievements in her career,ie. OG2008 pic for August and WC Mie 2009 pic for September。
It’s not bad for a free gift! just didn’t like some photos were cutted…

I scaned the 12 photos and uploads to photo section:
Zhenya-Desk Calendar-2010

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6 Responses to Zhenya-Desk Calendar 2010

  1. Wan and catts says:

    from a famous Russian Photographer\’s websitethis is Calendar 2010, Zhenya Kanaeva, Irina Tchachina, Ermakova, Merkulova, Kondakova, Lukonina and maybe Tkachenkohttp://www.vladloktev.ru/?id=1046&page=2http://www.vladloktev.ru/?id=1046&page=1http://www.vladloktev.ru/?id=1046&page=3

  2. Wan and catts says:

    @Alyona:In fact, many many thanks for your beautiful wallpapers <333@Michel:If someone can design this kind calendar for our Zhenya fans that will be great!BTW, I forgot to choose Zhenya\’s photo with clubs…..

  3. Michel says:

    That\’s a good idea, a "Evgenia tear-off calendar" *lol*. Every day or every week a new picture.

  4. alyona says:

    Zoe! It is really nice calendar! I wish I could have the same)))). And I am very happy to see three of my wallpapers among the twelve pictures)))))))

  5. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel:Just use the calendar with 365 days then the choice will be much easier 😀

  6. Michel says:

    The selection is good, all the pictures are pretty. I would take a few of them, but also few others. But which is hard to say, then my year had at least 30 months *g*.

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