Good Article Translation: Resident of Omsk number One

Originally written in Russian
,  English text translated and edited by Alyona

Year 2009 has turned Evgenia Kanaeva from a fragile princess into a full queen of the world’s rhythmic gymnastics. The phenomenon is that no one has expected such an ultimate superiority of the Grace from Omsk.  A 19 year-old student of Vera Shtelbaums has not lost any of the major starts. Hardly any sportsman can get such a big gold collection within a short period of time. In September, at the World Championship in Mie (Japan), Evgenia Kanaeva made an outstanding achievement – she won six gold medals out of six possible.

If ever she wants to retire – no problem. She has already gone down in history. And dozens of specialists will be struggling with the secret of her amazing stability. All the coaches with one voice say that she can summon her strength and thoughts before any important event like nobody else. God knows how Zhenya gets rid of stress and pressure! How does she manage to keep up the utmost level of the concentration?

The press has made it a rule to call this small brunette a star of the first magnitude. On the contrary, Kanaeva still can’t get used to the attention of the cameras, to the necessity of giving numerous interviews and smiling all the time. She is living in her own world, with the rule to practice for eight hours a day. First of all there is work, and only after that there is place for words.

Among those few words that you can get from Evgenia, you can hear that she, Kanaeva, is a resident of Omsk. “How else could it be?”- Sincerely wonders Zhenya, – “I only practice in Moscow. And here in Omsk is my family, my friends. I got a new apartment here after the Olympic Games and we have recently moved in.”

It is not surprising that Evgenia Kanaeva is the most popular resident of our city at the moment according to all the internet search systems. She can even enter a rivalry with the worshipful club “Avangard”, which, by the way, hasn’t achieved any outstanding results for the last five years.

One more time we want to say: a phenomenal lady! To be honest – National Heritage!
來自OMSK 的 Number One
Chinese translated by Zoe Wan

2009年是讓Evgenia Kanaeva由一個嬌弱的公主轉變成RG女王的一年。特別的是沒有人能預期到這位來自OMSK的優雅女孩能保有如此極端絕對的優勢。這位Vera Shtelbaums 19歲的弟子從未輸過任何一場重大賽事。任何運動選手都很難在如此短的時間內收羅如此多面金牌。九月份在日本三重縣舉辦的世錦賽,Evgenia Kanaeva 創下了不同凡響的成就-她拿走所有個人項目的六面金牌。

如果她想退休,沒有問題,因為她已經名留青史了。然後將會有一大堆專家苦於要發掘出她如此驚人穩定性的秘訣。所有教練們都異口同聲說: 她能在任何重大比賽之前將自己的力量跟想法凝聚起來,像是沒有其他人存在一樣。天知道Zhenya是如何擺脫所有的張力與壓力。她怎能保有如此極度的專注力。


從Evgenia那些微的談話(訪談)中,你能聽到,她,Kanaeva,是OMSK的居民。還有可能是其他的嗎? 對於被問到是否認為自己是莫斯科人,Zhenya真的感到非常驚訝,-"Moscow只是我訓練的地方,OMSK才是我的家,我的家人跟朋友都在這。去年奧運後我在這裡獲贈一棟公寓,我們最近才剛搬進去住。

毫無意外地,Zhenya是現階段這個城市最受歡迎的居民,根據所有網路上的搜索系統。她的知名度甚至可以跟聲望很高很受歡迎的足球俱樂部-"Avangard" 相提並論。順帶一提,這個俱樂部最近五年都沒有很出色的成績。

再一次地我們想說: 不平凡的女孩,坦白說, 你是我們國家的寶藏 。

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8 Responses to Good Article Translation: Resident of Omsk number One

  1. Wan and catts says:

    m_nn,Shtelbaums也是OMSK人~~Wow你經常在天上路過喔!要不要2010跟我一起同遊俄羅斯啊, 然後一起看RG世錦賽,到時你肯定能見到小恰。

  2. m_nn says:


  3. Michel says:

    The Customs I had totally forgotten. This problem I haven\’t within the 27 Countries in the EU, here there are no customs checks. But Evengia got it until tomorrow anyway – the hope dies last. ^^

  4. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel:Imported to Moscow on 26.Dec. still need time to make customs clearance。And we can\’t estimate the time of customs clearance because that\’s such a big parcel。Anyway,I hope everything will be fine,and Zhenya can come back to her hometown with our greeting gifts。Little talk again, I already replyed Zhenya\’s Mom\’s letter and made a request,I hope her Mom can ask Zhenya to take picture with our greeting gifts when Zhenya come back to OMSK and send back to me。:D 12月26日進口到Moscow互換郵局,還需要清關,清關的時間是無法預測的,畢竟是個那麼大的包裹。總之,我希望Zhenya能帶著我們的禮物回家鄉過新年。再小小聲說,我已經回信跟Zhenya的媽媽說,請Zhenya回到OMSK後,跟那些禮物一起拍張照片,然後將照片寄給我。:D

  5. Michel says:

    If the package on 26 Dec. has arrived, then Evgenia got it still, if in two days to fly to Omsk. Not a little bit too early sent off. Whether they get the big package in her flight luggage? *lol*

  6. Wan and catts says:

    Little talk…just few mins ago, I got Zhenya\’s Mom\’s letter, her Mom said she will ask for me if Zhenya got my big parcel (the parcel had arrived in Moscow on 26.Dec.2009) and will translate my letter (actually she need to translate many this time) for Zhenya when she come back to OMSK for New Year Holidays。Really expecting to see Zhenya\’s expression when she got our big parcel, if she can take a picture of her and send back to me that will be great!!! XDD小小聲說,就在幾分鐘前,我收到Zhenya媽媽的回信,(包裹寄出後我有寫e-mail通知Zhenya跟她媽媽郵件的tracking no.)。她媽媽說會幫我留意,並問Zhenya是否收到我們的禮物 (根據線上查詢系統,包裹已於12月26日到達Moscow互換郵局)。然後等Zhenya回OMSK之後,她會翻譯我的信給Zhenya。期待Zhenya收到禮物後的表情,要是她能拍張照片寄回來給我看就好了。^-^

  7. Wan and catts says:

    Added Chinese translation/ 文章補上中譯。

  8. Wan and catts says:

    Alyona, Thank you very much!!! Your translation is so quick and excellent! I love this article, so well writing and such warm words about Zhenya。 (L) Flowers ^-^

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