Funny news: Panda bear-WAN WAN

Today, Alyona told me one funny news on msn, she said: 「Today in the news on TV I saw one Panda bear which was brought to Russia from China. And the name of Panda is… WAN WAN。」

HaHaHa,I am very happy to hear this news ^-^ 。THANK YOU VERY MUCH Alyona!It made my day。

I wish I can become that Panda and fly to Russia,to the side of Zhenya。

OK 容我灌水一下囉,這是Alyona告訴我的新聞,她說今天早上看電視新聞的時候,看到新聞報導說中國送了一隻熊貓到俄羅斯,那隻熊貓的名字就叫: WAN WAN。哈哈哈 兔子就跟我說: 你穿越去那只熊猫吧,去Russia。對啊,希望我能化身成那隻熊貓,然後把我送到Zhenya身邊,我要當她的毛毛熊,hehehe。

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6 Responses to Funny news: Panda bear-WAN WAN

  1. Wan and catts says:


  2. monv says:


  3. Wan and catts says:

    謝謝丸子啊! 但願真有魔法讓我化身熊貓 ^-^兔子, 穿越 穿越 穿越~~~Joao, Thanks for your lovely comments, it make me happy!

  4. ★勰小cC★ says:

    太有爱了哈!!!wan wan,让哆啦A梦送你个法宝,让你化身为瘦版熊猫吧~~哈哈哈

  5. RC says:


  6. joão lucas nunes says:

    haha! I love Pandas, they are so beautiful and cute, and lovely animals, and I am sure that this name is the best name that they can choose for this animal, cause one lovely name to one lovely animal

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