Greeting from Alyona

Dear friends!

Let me introduce myself very shortly for those who don’t know me yet. My name is Alyona and I was born in Russia. At present I live in Antalya/Turkey.

I am very happy to be a member of this wonderful “family” called Zhenya fans club. I have met here many kind-hearted and caring people, truly devoted to the person who evokes their inspiration – Zhenya Kanaeva. I am glad that we have this space to share the news, ideas and our new creative works with each other. I would like to thank the creators of the space – Li-Ting Wan and Catts! I greatly appreciate the work they do for Zhenya and for us, her fans.

I want to congratulate Zhenya and all her fans and followers on the coming holidays! I wish you good health, endless success, joy and happiness in the new 2010 year! Let God always be on your side! I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
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13 Responses to Greeting from Alyona

  1. Chunqing says:

    Sorry, big mistake: It should be her, not his.

  2. Chunqing says:

    Wan Wan, Thank you so much for your prompt reply with this detailed explanation. Just like our Chinese people, we also have a short name used by our friends, relatives or people who are older than us. My short name is Chunqing. The spelling of her name looks like a Chinese Pinyin, so I just thought that it\’s a nickname for all his Chinese fans.

  3. Wan and catts says:

    @ZHANGChunqing, for the answer pls check "Zhenya Profile" that I wrote here: Russia everyone has a full first name and a short first name, sometimes the short name does not sound similar to full name. and short name is not a nickname, its the name used by people who know you, friends, relatives or people who are older than you。For Evgenia Kanaeva, her full first name is "Evgenia" and her short first name is "Zhenya"。I got this information from Alyona 2 weeks ago,BIG Thanks to her!每個俄羅斯的人名-First Name都是有全名跟較短的名字,全名跟短的名字發音不一定類似。Short first name不是小名,是長輩或者親近的家人與朋友叫的。And Evgenia是她的全名,Zhenya是她的short first name。以上資訊是Alyona告訴我的,非常感謝她。<333

  4. Chunqing says:

    One quick and stupid question from an outsider: Why her name is Zhenya?

  5. Wan and catts says:

    Dear Motai, 昨天我看了第一集, 還滿好看的, 這動畫已經拍完了吧? 話說你的外號: "千面魔女" 是從這部動畫來的嗎? 魔女-貝阿朵莉切,呵。

  6. Wan and catts says:

    OK, Motai 你已經強力跟我推薦這部動畫好幾次囉 我一定去找來看 哈。Alyona也說這音樂很美喔, 我給她聽演唱版, 她還問我是在唱什麼呢 🙂

  7. monv says:


  8. Wan and catts says:

    @Motai, 聽著就覺得很日本音樂的味道, 果然啊, 是日本動畫來的的, 感謝兔子給我原始的音樂檔, 這動畫叫什麼名字, 音樂很好聽啊, 非常有氣氛. 有機會我會寄給Zhenya聽, 好可惜沒趕上這次的project. 早知道我星期一再寄, 因為Friday跟Monday寄也沒差別, 何況台灣的郵局有些是星期六跟星期天都還有營業, 台北總局就是都不休息的, 晚上營業時間也到9點半才關, 唉 你應該告訴我的, 就會等你 hehehe, 我真是太強大了, 我找到純音樂跟演唱版的線上video純音樂:演唱版:

  9. RC says:


  10. monv says:

    zhenya 【music:Thank you for getting shy born】这是偶给zhenya剪辑的成套音乐~~~~~时长:1:30蛮适合zhenya的,gala啊··球操啊都是zhenya的风格~~~这个其实是很早就开始弄了,本来想传给你然后寄给她的,结果每次剪辑都不完美·······偶又是一个完美···主义···。。。今个··忽然完美剪辑~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~··音乐就发给zhenya的邮箱吧~~~就是要她参考一下哇~~~~【要是zhenya选中了的话~~~~哇~~~~~:shy :shy :shy 】其实这才是偶想送给她的礼物呢~~~~logo是后来不在计划内完成的,原本的计划是给zhenya成套音乐给她一个参考哇~~

  11. Wan and catts says:

    謝謝Motai, 我下載了你新修正的Logo, 也傳到space上了。

  12. monv says:


  13. Wan and catts says:

    Many thanks, Alyona!I am also very happy can meet you! and your first wallpaper is just fantastic and amazing!

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