VOTE: Choose Your Favorite trademark pivot that Zhenya did this season and all times


Greeting Season is coming and this RG season was over last week for Zhenya. So let’s make an interesting survey to review Zhenya’s performance this season。

I would like all Zhenya fans to choose:
1. the BEST/ Your Favorite trademark pivot that Zhenya did this season @RG events, you can choose her performance @ Gala show!

2. the BEST/ Your Favorite trademark pivot of all times!

Hope you love this survey,and enjoy。

Remember there are two questions: for this season and all times

Give your answer at your feeback message for this article。

OK,Let me- the Chairlady of Zhenya Fans Club be the first,for this year my favorite is Ribbon final of WC Mie 2009,the ending pivot sooooo good,stable and beautiful and Zhenya wore my favorite new red leotard,simply fantasitc and stunning!!!  also @ Ribbon Final of Thiais was very good one,she made almost 4*360 turnamazing~~ and of course Ribbon Final @Berlin Masters

As to the BEST trademark pivot of all times,my answer goes to Irina Viner birthday party @last year。Zhenya did an EXCELLENT and really really beautiful trademark pivot with ball at the end of this birthday party- 4*360!!!
and Of course,Ribbon Final EC Baku 2007 is also very good。

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17 Responses to VOTE: Choose Your Favorite trademark pivot that Zhenya did this season and all times

  1. Laura says:

    My favourite trademark pivot this season is rope qualification Baku(last pivot). It was very good executed and excellent combinated pivot!And my fovourite of all times is gala Benidorm 2008 just 4*360!

  2. Wan and catts says:

    catts\’ comment, I posted for him:I don\’t have a preference about Zhenya\’s pivot. I can only say I like her rope routine so much.

  3. m_nn says:


  4. Steven says:

    My Favorite trademark pivot this season is ribbon final in world game 也許這不是她今年表現最好的一次但卻是讓我認識她的一個機會如果不是世運 也許就沒機會認識她了畢竟RG在台灣是冷門運動~~所以最喜歡的轉體就是讓我認識她的轉體沒有這個轉體就沒機會看到更多她的精采表現~~And the Favorite trademark pivot of all times is also~~

  5. Wan and catts says:

    This is Italian Fan-Anita\’s comment, I posted for her, thank you, Anita!^-^ I love all Zhenya\’s routines but for me her best performance was in Baku09 apparatus ball in the final For Leotard: Hoop08 also the one she use only a time in Corbeil08, Clubs08 the red one, all Ribbon08, and all the Leo she used in 2009 For Music: Global Spirit ( ball06 ), rope07, all music of year08, and ball, hoop and ribbon09, not rope because I prefer the old one taken from Carmen

  6. Wan and catts says:

    Great Great Michel! your answer is PERFECT! not just mentioned her rouitnes but also Music and Leotard. but I didn\’t think black not suit Zhenya. the one @corbeil 2007 Ribbon final, so graceful and gorgeous.For Music, I love all 2008 music, and ribbon 2006-2007-Walls of Akendora, Rope 2006, Clubs 2006, ball 2006 (Earth Song and Moonlight Sonata both love), clubs 2004 @Aeon Cup, ball 2004. For this year, Hoop and Ribbon, for Ball I prefer Spartacus. for Gala-You in my September and Veselaya Kadril.For Leotard: Hoop 2008, Clubs 2008 and Ribbon 2008 (her new leos after EC), Ribbon 2007 @Corbeil, Ribbon 2009-the red one @WC Mie, Hoop 2009, Rope 2009-the pink one, Ball 2009.

  7. Michel says:

    This isn\’t easy, there are so many good routines…personally I find the performence this year with the rope (and ribbon) in Baku best. And of all times the gala at the Olympics 2008 (but also very like the rope Thiais 2008).My favorite music:Gala 08 (Svetoch – Veselaya Kadril); Ball 09 (Andre Rieu – Concierto d\’ Aranjuez); Ribbon 09 (Edith Pilaf – Padam padam)My favorite dress:Gala 08, Ribbon 09, Hoop 09, Rope 08, Clubs 08, Ribbon 08 and many more 🙂 There is really only 3-4 leotards I don\’t like (for example black doesn\’t stand Evgenia).

  8. SUMI says:

    Oh..I can\’t choose just one ..I like Kanaeva\’s sweet gala in Euskalgym.and I think her trademark pivots in every routine were fantastic!!But I like her trademark pivots in rope in Baku most!! ^^

  9. joão lucas nunes says:

    – Of this season is the one of her autumn gala on Baku 2009- And my favorite pivot of all times is the pivots in ribbon series on 2009

  10. Wan and catts says:

    我追加一個, 今年她新開發的聯合轉體-俯平衡+無幫助結環, 我覺得做的最漂亮的一次-Ball-AA Final-WC Mie, 超smooth 超漂亮, 圈數又很足. 俯平衡甚至轉了2圈~~added one answer, her new trademark pivot this year-Back splits with trunk at the horizontal +Ring without help, the best and my favorite is Ball-AA Final-WC Mie 2009. very smooth and beautiful!!!

  11. monv says:


  12. Wan and catts says:

    喂 Motai, 誰叫你灌水的, 寫回應居然沒回答問題 該罰!!!本篇文章嚴禁灌水行為!!!

  13. monv says:


  14. Hershey says:

    我板凳也抢急了….回来答第二题…><….我喜欢她在September Gala里的, 今年欧锦赛吧嘿嘿~

  15. RC says:


  16. Hershey says:


  17. RC says:

    沙发沙发,内线沙发我选Berlin Final!!!(可能是因为现场看感觉不一样),看的时候我就想起07年那个第一次参加EC技惊四座的Zhenya了~~~~~~~~

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