Evgenia Kanaeva will sign “Honored Master of Sports” in Omsk

Original russian news here published on 02.Dec.2009

Евгения Канаева получит знак заслуженного мастера спорта в Омске

translated by google language tool
and a certificate of
Honored Master of Sports of Russia Omsk gymnast will hand
over on December 4, at the opening ceremony of the XXIV All-Russia competitions
in rhythmic gymnastics, dedicated to the memory of Galina Gorenkova.

sports title conferred omichke Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of
Russia for the victory at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Gold Medal Eugenia Kanaeva was a
triumph all the Omsk
school of rhythmic gymnastics. Her victory tradition began in 1969 with
"gold" World Cup Galim Shugurova and other omichkami continued
unabated for the past 40 years. Flourishing Omsk school came to the last two Olympics
four years.

According to the information portal "Omsk province, 5 and 6 December prima World Rhythmic
Gymnastics will perform in all-around and individual species to the Omsk fans at Memorial
XXIV All-Russia Galina Gorenkova. Results are expected to participate in the
tournament about 100 of the best gymnasts from Russia,
Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Estonia,
Uzbekistan, Belarus.

note by Zoe Wan: Zhenya’s Mom and Dad both have the titlle "Master of Sports",and the level of the title "Honored Master of Sports"  is higher than "Master of Sports"! I got this information from catts.

Congratulations to Zhenya for Gaining another Honorable Title


忙碌的11月過後,Zhenya 終於可以再度回到家鄉 OMSK,這次在OMSK有個RG比賽,這是以紀念Galina Gorenkova為名的比賽。總共會有來自RUS、KAZ、AZE、EST、UBE 跟 BLR 共約 100名選手參賽。

12月4日開幕當天,Zhenya將會簽署跟受頒 "Honored Master of Sports"證書。12月5日跟12月6日她將會分別參加個人全能跟單項競賽。

Zheya的媽媽跟爸爸均擁有 " Master of Sports"的頭銜,而Zhenya被授與的 "Honored of Master of Sports",等級比"Master of Sports"高。

恭喜 Zhenya再度獲頒一個榮耀的Title!

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5 Responses to Evgenia Kanaeva will sign “Honored Master of Sports” in Omsk

  1. Michel says:

    Congratulations Zhenya, that you really deserves it…..

  2. Wan and catts says:

    TO兔子:Garaeva應該不會去吧,這比賽去的人應該都不會是國際上High Profile的選手。每年都有辦的比賽。去年Zhenya、Shtelbaums跟Tchachina是去當頒獎嘉賓。看ETO Sport的介紹除了RUS自己的選手,國外的似乎沒看到很大牌的RG明星。

  3. RC says:


  4. Wan and catts says:

    很好!恭喜 Motai 搶到啦 哈 🙂

  5. monv says:


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