Video: Zhenya 4 EF routines-Grand Prix Berlin 2009

RUS NTV+ coverage version,I downloaded by BT and upload to megaupload。

Zhenya took part in so many events this year and still can has such great shape at the end of the season,she is really incredible and amazing!

Download link please check here: (read my newest post of this thread)

for on-line watch which were uploaded by RC,please check here:

 the highest score of this season-29.149 Ribbon!

 a super classic excellent magnificent and perfect routine!

 Rope Final: Master of Rope!

 Hoop Final: the ending was sooo good,so accurate!

 Ball Final: unforgetable!

根據兔子在Zhenya ribbon final的on-line video上寫的:


and here found another version of Zhenya’s 4 EF routines on youtube。thanks hanno7741 for sharing this。
  nice shot!

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5 Responses to Video: Zhenya 4 EF routines-Grand Prix Berlin 2009

  1. Steven says:

    thanks板大 提供了好多Zhenya的資訊永遠支持這個部落格永遠愛kanaeva~~

  2. Wan and catts says:


  3. RC says:


  4. Wan and catts says:


  5. RC says:


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