Create an art design section for Joao Lucas

I create an art design section for Joao Lucas on photo albums. you can find all his art design there.
take a look: Joao Lucas Art Design Section
You can downlaod his works,but please respect those pics are Joao’s copyright,when you try to post to other places,please indicate that’s Joao’s design。Because he always forgot to sign his autograph on his design。

and Joao just made a T-Shirt with Zhenya’s Russian first name "
Евгения" on it, I got his permission to post his photo here.
Joao looked so cute wearing that T-Shirt and he is such a handsome boy!

Joao’s other photos
he made some editing for this photo↓


pretend to shave face, made this photo just for fun

因為覺得Joao穿上寫著Zhenya俄文名字的 T-Shirt 照片很可愛,所以取得他的同意將照片PO到這裡。而且他實在是個大帥哥 (or 小帥哥),因為才16歲。看他的照片也是賞心悅目的啊,哈哈,所以除了T-Shirt照又多PO了2張,hehe。


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6 Responses to Create an art design section for Joao Lucas

  1. Wan and catts says:

    呵呵 Joao一直要我翻譯你們的回應,他想知道你們在說啥 哈

  2. feeva says:


  3. Wan and catts says:

    我有補了2張小帥哥的照片~~第2張是他自己對照片作了一點編輯/效果 and第3張是好玩, 那只是拍張假裝要刮鬍子的照片。

  4. monv says:


  5. Wan and catts says:

    這件T-Shirt上的字是寫錯了,我日前告訴過兔子你,因為文法的關係,應該是‘Я love (the heart symbol) Евгению’(catts告訴我的)Joao 說, 他做了二件, 幾天後送來的第二件T-Shirt就會是正確的寫法。而第二件是free的,呵。

  6. RC says:


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