Evgenia Kanaeva: Go On – Work Hard and Enjoy Life

Published on Eto Sport issue No.5(15), Sep-Oct 2008
on-line link: http://www.etosport.ru/15.html
Originally written in Russian. Translated and edited by catts

While the delight of victory at the Beijing OG is still in the air for the Omsk girl, Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva has already added a few more gold medals to her highest title. A long rest is indeed a luxury for the gymnast. One month since the OG, Zhenya had left for Spain for the World Cup Final, where she came first in hoop, clubs and ribbon. And later, in Tokyo – at the World Clubs Championships (Aeon Cup) she again stood at the top step of the podium.

Now, in the midst all competitions, there happened to be a short break. Zhenya Kanaeva thus has come to Omsk. She intended to stay for 2 days to be with her folks. However, even this long-awaited interview has been interrupted inevitably due to her preparation for the new routines. Therefore, our talks took place on the carpet of the Regional Olympic RG Training Centre, right at the time of warm-up.

Q. Zhenya, how does a new routine (program) come into being – with music and choreography?
A. Every year we change the routines and always begin with choosing music, and its style. We consider: what do we want – fast, slow? And then the routine will already be conceived on our minds. As it happens, all will be put together and later we will discuss what changes are needed.

Q. Who can make changes to a routine?
A. Head trainer. If she does not like it, she can give advice, such as: it is better not to do so-and-so element. And then we will think together with Vera Efremovna on replacing that element.

Q. On music, is your selection closer to temperament, to perception?
A. About this, it is up to my preference. Yes, most importantly, it has to be what I like. If the trainers approve the music, certainly no one will stop me from choosing it. If it happens that they say, ‘better not to use it, it does not sound too nice.’ Then we will need to find another piece which we all will like.

Q. In general, what sort of music do you like? What music is usually on your ear-phones?
A. Music with foreign-favoured rhythm, and music with slow melody. Basically, all contemporary music, but depending on various moods.

Q. Has it ever happened that you dreamt of the music?
A. Dreamt of the music? (smiles) Yes, it happens when at the training session the music is being played again and again throughout the day – and when you are already asleep at night, this music is still played on the mind. Well, it is as if with the favourite songs.

Q. As the routine is being arranged, is it necessary to consider the arithmetic?
A. Yes. Now we have a new Code of Points, which requires executing 12 elements and there are bonuses on each element. If they are not present, the element will not be counted.

Q. Bonuses – does this make the element more complicated?
A. Bonus – this is like work attached to a subject.

Q. Does the complexity of the routine depend on the quantity of the repetitions of these difficult elements?
A. No, they cannot be repeated, and they need to be all different according to their defined categories. Rope – it is about the leaps; ball – flexibility; clubs – balance; ribbon – turns; and for hoop – all elements are combined.

Q. And who designed your leotards?
A. Lately 3 leotards were sewed for me at Nizhnem Novgorode. There works a designer, Masha, who came up with the design. To begin with, she listened to the music and we told her the outline of the routines. Afterward she did the sketches and showed us, and then she sewed up the leotards.

Q. I congratulate you on your latest victories at the World Cup Final and at the Clubs Championships. How do you cope with your status as an OG champion? Has it been difficult?
A. Basically, I try not to think about it. But, of course, subconsciously, I felt I needed to maintain a high standard for my performance. Yes, I feel a heavier responsibility but, before all else, I try not to bring it on to myself or my trainers. And the rest, all are the same as before.

Q. It has been said that: people always learn from mistakes. And this year you, fortunately, have had excellent victories. Have these victories taught you something?
A. Victory and defeat both give lessons. By the way, although this year has been fortunate, I have not won on all occasions. About victory, the most important thing is not to lose your head but to stay focused, to go on and work and enjoy life. That’s it. For an athlete’s life does not only come through by one victory and, I think, a real athlete is the one who is capable of winning and losing.

Q. Does it mean you deal with defeats and worries in a philosophical way?
A. Well, of course, like any people, I worry. However, I try to concentrate and think: why so-and-so happened, and discover the mistakes.

Q. All people in their childhoods had favourite stars. When you started RG, who was your star?

A. Go on even when things don’t turn out nicely. Most importantly, the person is healthy and kind, and the whole family is healthy. This is the most precious thing in life. Then, all other things that you want will turn out.

Q. When we met you at the airport after the OG, your mother said, ‘grand mum is waiting for us eagerly. I guess, she has cooked something special. Zhenya loves her grand mum’s cooking very much.’ So, what do you like the most?
A. I love rice cutlets (laughs). I don’t know, perhaps not a lot of places and not many people make them. But grand mum can make them remarkably.

Q. I guess, in general after all, just like any gymnasts, you have to put constraint onto yourself. What is the most difficult food to refuse?
A. You know, I try not to refuse anything but to eat whatever on a menu. And if I am already putting on too much weight, it is necessary to control myself. But this does not happen often.

Q. Have you already begun to feel comfortable with driving?
A. Yes, of course. I just drove here not long ago, and for me it is very interesting.

Q. The car, presented by the President, is it not too big for you? You look so fragile after all!
A. No, it is a normal car (laughs), Little girl does not need much.

Q. Zhenechka, what do you read, or watch?
A. In general, I like to read, especially classical literature. My favourite book is «Портрет Дориана Грeя» (‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde).

Q. I think, there are not many people at your age who would name it as their favourite book, if they have ever read it.
A. Everyone has favourite. I think it is a very educational/instructive story.

Q. Are you making progress on your study?
A. Not at the moment. I think, after New Year I will spend more time on my study.

Q. Thank you for finding the time for us. I think we will meet again at the memorial tournament of Gorenkova, won’t we?
A. Yes, most likely.

Q. I guess you will perform a gala – or even to be a competitor?
A. At the moment I don’t know what the trainer will say. I like to perform very much, whether in the competition or in the exhibition – there is no difference as I will treat them equally.

Note by Zoe Wan: Zhenya’s handwriting on the poster means: 「Love、Peace and Patience to the readers of ETO Sport,E. Kanaeva」 (her handwriting is very beautiful~~)


Evgenia Kanaeva: 堅持、努力並且享受人生!
Chinese translated by Zoe Wan (zhenya0402)
on-line link: http://www.etosport.ru/15.html
原文發表於OMSK地方雜誌-ETO Sport 第15期 9月/11月號 2008

對於這位OMSK女孩,北京奧運勝利的喜悅仍然飄散在空中時,奧運冠軍Evgenia Kanaeva 的頭銜已經又追加了更多面金牌。對這位體操選手而言,長久的休息是種奢侈。奧運過後一個月,Zhenya去西班牙參加World Cup Final,她在環、棍棒跟彩帶三個項目排名第一。隨後,在東京舉辦的世界俱樂部錦標賽 (Aeon Cup) 她再一次地站上頒獎台的最高位置。

現在,在所有比賽中間,有個短暫的休息。Zhenya 回到家鄉 OMSK,她打算停留兩天和她的家人相聚。然而即使在這個期待已久的訪問也因為她要準備新的成套而無可避免的被中斷。因此我們的談話是在地方的奧運RG 訓練中心進行,就在暖身的時候。

Q: Zhenya,一個新的成套是如何形成的? 配合音樂跟編舞?
A: 我們每年換新成套,都是從掏選音樂跟風格開始。我們考慮我們想要的感覺是什麼-快或慢?然後一個成套就會在我們的心中成型。當事情進行到此,所有的一切都會被放進成套裡。之後我們會討論有哪些必須要修改。

Q: 誰能修改成套?
A: 主教練. 如果她不喜歡, 她可以給意見,例如不做某些動作比較好,那我們就會跟Vera Efremovna一起想替換的動作。

Q: 音樂上,你的選擇接近自己的個性,感覺?
A: 關於這個,一切取決於我的偏好。是的,最重要的,必須是我喜歡的。如果教練同意這個音樂,當然就沒有人能阻止我選擇它。如果教練們說’最好不要用這首,聽起來不是很好’ 那我們必須再找另一首大家都喜歡的。

Q: 通常,你比較喜歡什麼類型的音樂? 哪些音樂最常出現在你的耳機裡?
A: 外國跟慢的旋律,基本上,所有這時代的音樂都喜歡,但一切取決於各種不同的心情。

Q: 你曾夢到音樂嗎?
A: ‘夢到音樂’? (微笑) 訓練的時候,音樂不斷地被重複播放一整天,當你晚上睡著了,音樂還持續在心裡播放。嗯,就好像那是自己最喜歡的歌。

Q: 編排成套的時候,需要做一些運算上的考量嗎?
A: 是的,現在換了新的評分規則,需要有12個難度動作,每個動作都有加分獎勵,如果動作沒呈獻出來,難度就不被承認。
Q: 加分獎勵?這是否讓動作更複雜?
A: 加分-就像是附加於主題上的東西。

Q: 成套的複雜性是依難度動作被重複運用的次數而定?
A: 不是的,難度動作不能重複。根據動作所屬的類別,必須都不一樣。繩-跳躍,球-柔韌,棍棒-平衡,彩帶-旋轉,而環是四個基本要素都包含。

Q: 誰幫妳設計體操服?
A: 最近的3件體操服是在Nizhnem Novgorode做的。那裡的設計師Masha,是她設計的。一開始她會先聽音樂,然後我們會告訴她成套大概的輪廓。之後她會畫出草圖給我們看,然後她開始製作體操服。

Q: 恭喜妳最近在World Cup Final跟World Clubs Champioships贏得勝利。身為奧運冠軍妳怎麼處理這樣的狀況。這很困難嗎?
A: 基本上,我試著不去想它。但是,當然,潛意識裡,我覺得我的表演必須維持高水準。是的,我感覺到責任變的比較重,但我試著不把這帶到自己跟教練身上。其他都跟以前一樣。

Q: 有句話說: ‘從錯誤中學習。’ 今年,非常幸運的,妳有很多傑出的勝利。這些勝利有教妳某些事情嗎?
A: 贏跟輸都會教我們某些事情。BTW,雖然今年很幸運,但我並不是在所有場合都贏。關於勝利,最重要的是不要迷失自己,保持專注,堅持下去、努力並享受人生。就是這樣。

Q: 這是否意味著妳應付挫敗是以冷靜的態度去處理。
A: 當然,跟所有人一樣,我會擔心。但我試著集中精神並且想,為何會發生這些那些事,並找出錯誤。

Q: 所有人在小時候都有最喜愛的明星,當妳開始練RG時,誰是妳心目中的明星?
A: 當然,我喜歡我們國家的體操選手,一開始是Irina Tchachina。然後那個時期的整個國家隊,Alina 跟其他人。他們每個人都有吸引我注意的部份。

Q: 但我猜妳不想模仿任何人?
A: 對,我不想模仿,我不喜歡看起來都一樣。我認為發展個人特色是必要的。

Q: 現在妳是最好的選手之一,在妳的人生旅程中,有哪些人是妳覺得如果沒有他們妳就無法達到現在的成就?在妳的生命中哪些人是妳最敬佩的?
A: 我想是我的教練-我的第一個教練 Elena Nikolaevna Arais, 我現在的教練Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums 跟Irina Aleksandrovna Viner。這些人教導我並使我成為適當合宜的人。我非常尊敬他們。

Vera Efremovag是非常特別的教練。而Elena Nikolaevna,我喜歡她是因為她總是告訴我實話。當她發現錯誤時她會說出來,即使其他人可能都還沒注意到,這非常棒。因為在運動中,更正錯誤是必須的,然後持續下去。而這兩個人-媽媽跟女兒(指Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums跟Elena Nikolaevna Arais)非常仁慈和藹可親,我很高興自己是被他們訓練的。而Irina Aleksandrovha,是情感很豐富的人,可以提供必要的加強。

Q: 有些人已經以帶著愉快跟欣賞的眼光看妳。他們希望從妳身上學習並且喜歡你。有什麼話可以對他們說嗎?-對那些在運動館的年輕後輩。
A: 由內而到外,我自己還不知道任何事,我的方式不意味是典範。對於那些才剛剛起步的…我想我能說的是: 要有耐心,並享受每件事。

Q: 持續享受每件事,即使並不美好?
A: 持續下去,即使事情並不美好。最重要的,人是健康跟仁慈的,整個家族體系是健全的。這是生命中最珍貴的事。然後所有其他你所想望的都會達成。

Q: 奧運過後,當我們跟你在機場碰面,妳媽媽說: 「奶奶很熱切的等著我們。我猜她做了特別的料理。Zhenya非常喜歡她奶奶做的菜」。妳最喜歡的是什麼料理?
A: 我喜歡-rice cutlets米的炸肉排(笑)。我不知道,可能不是很多地方/ 不是很多人會做這道料理,但奶奶能把這道菜做的很不一樣。

Q: 通常,就跟所有的體操選手一樣,妳必須約束自己,對妳而言,什麼食物是最難抗拒的?
A: 妳知道,我試著不拒絕任何食物,菜單有什麼就吃什麼,不挑食。如果我增加過多體重,我就必須克制自己,但這不常發生。

Q: 你已經開始習慣開車了嗎?
A: 是的,當然。我在這開車才沒多久,對我而言這是件很有趣的事。

Q: 總統送妳的車,對妳而言會不會太大了,畢竟妳看起來很纖細瘦小?
A: 不,那是台很普通的車(笑),小女孩不需要太多。

Q: Zhenechka,妳都讀什麼書?或看什麼?
A: 通常,我喜歡看書,特別是古典文學,我最喜歡的書是 「The Picture of Dorian Gray」by Oscar Wilde (王爾德的「美少年格雷的畫像」)。

Q: 我想跟妳同年齡的人不會有很多人說這是他們最喜歡的書,如果他們讀過的話。
A: 嗯,我想每個人都有自己的最愛。我認為這是本富有教育意義的書。

Q: 妳的學業有進展嗎?
A: 現階段沒有,但新年過後我會花更多時間在課業上。

Q: 謝謝妳花時間接受我們的訪問,我想在Gorenkova的紀念比賽我們會再遇到,是吧?
A: 是的,很有可能。

Q: 我猜妳會做 gala表演甚至參加比賽?
A: 現在我還不知道教練會怎麼安排。我很喜歡表演,不管是在比賽或表演秀-對我而言沒有差別,因為我都同等看待。

註釋: Zhenya在雜誌海報上提的字是: 「致ETO Sport的讀者-愛、和平與耐心 by E. Kanaeva」。(Zhenya手寫的字很漂亮。)

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7 Responses to Evgenia Kanaeva: Go On – Work Hard and Enjoy Life

  1. Wan and catts says:

    原來貓你是練跳舞的, 是練ballet嗎 跟兔子一樣?到底是OMSK地方雜誌做的專訪, 所以功課作不少。我現在很期待今年9/10月號 的Eto Sport, 一定會大幅報導Zhenya在Mie的表現, 應該在等一陣子可以在線上看到了。其實2007年時就有一篇很精彩的專訪, 同時還訪問了Zhenya的媽媽跟Shtelbaums, Shtelbaums還說了些Ira跟Zhenya之間的不同處, 很有意思。我已經商請 catts有空時翻譯這篇 2007年的舊訪問了, 還在等他回音。

  2. feeva says:

    扑一个~~~我很喜欢卡娜的访问,那叫健康向上好少年XDDDD 我跳舞的时候都经常有‘这个动作大概就是做不到了吧’的绝望感……她好像就不会,反而一直一直练||||这个访谈很赞~什么细节都想到了,记者之前应该有做不少功课。。。我喜欢‘梦到音乐’那一段。ZHENYA那样子特别像小姑娘~~~~公寓租给人住?……那个人可以去跟别人炫‘我租了EVGENIA KANAEVA的公寓哦~~~!!’^^;;;

  3. Wan and catts says:

    兔子果然不愧是在汽車大國,德系的車子瞭如指掌~~我到現在都還沒駕照不會開車 囧…卡娜在Moscow也有買一間小公寓,我是看到她說租給人住,這部份不是很確定。畢竟她媽是住在OMSK,而OMSK地方政府去年也送他們一棟公寓。BTW, 卡娜的獎牌很多家裡都擺佈下,所以OMSK地方政府幫她把獎牌收藏在博物館,之前有記者問Zhenya,奧運那面金牌放在哪?Zhenya說: 這是秘密。。。。XDDD

  4. RC says:


  5. Wan and catts says:

    BTW,會這麼努力寫,一方面是希望 space能運作順利維持熱度,再者,我以這個 sapce去報名台灣的一個華文blog比賽,在報名截止日前,我希望內容能更豐富,畢竟這個Zhenya Kanava Gymnasium才開張不到一個月,這是去參賽劣勢。總之就是盡量上新的內容增加獲獎的機率。

  6. Wan and catts says:


  7. RC says:

    后援团团长真是笔耕不辍,佩服!!!说实话我讨厌记者过多询问现役运动员有关学业问题,不论在哪国。竞技体育发展到今天,基本上已经不是正常人练的了的了,高端到一个顶尖项目的顶尖水平,先天后天缺一不可,让人一边去挂奥运金牌一边去拿高校文凭——那简直是做梦不过这篇采访其它细节上很专业,还特别让Zhenya介绍了一些非常专的规则方面,比如动作编排,还有服装设计,这点倒确实不多见。另外说到开车,哈哈,19岁的姑娘是该考了驾照了~当年moni Ira她们也差不多是这岁数开始开车的若干年前Ira的20岁生日礼物就是Reebok公司赠送的绿色标致,不知道Zhenya这辆“普通”的车又是什么呢?总统赠送,有面子哇。。。

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