Poll: Vote Your Top 5 Zhenya Music 2006-2011 (including gala)

Kanaeva-Hoop 2010-Full Version-Rite of the Spring-1st part-L’Adoration de la terre-Stravinsky

Here let’s play another poll! Vote your top 5 Zhenya music 2006-2011 including gala music! For me, it’s very difficult to choose only 5! because I love all Zhenya 2008 music!!! Anyway, you can only vote 5 but you can add other answers-such as choose Zhenya’s music from junior or some other music that I forget to list.
繼續玩票選 XDD 這次來票選你最喜愛的5首小兔寶用過的音樂 2006-2011 包含Gala music!
對我而言, 只能投5票是很難的, 因為光2008就四首都愛了 <333 總之, 規則就是只能挑5首, 然後你可以自己寫名單上沒有的, 例如我忘了列出來的, 或者她在junior時期用過的音樂.

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4 Responses to Poll: Vote Your Top 5 Zhenya Music 2006-2011 (including gala)

  1. It’s so difficult to decide! I like a lot of the music she used, but my favorites are:
    Ball 2006 Moonlight Ramba, Hoop 2008 Tristan & Iseult, Ball 2009 Concierto De Aranjuez, Hoop 2010 Rite of Spring, Ribbon 2011 Fantasie Impromptu (that’s my absolute favorite)

  2. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    Other music I also love (遺珠名單): Clubs 2004 (@Aeon Cup), Ball 2006-Moonlight Ramba, Clubs 2006-Folk song, Hoop 2008-Tristan & Iseult, Clubs 2008-Jota Aragonesa, Rope 2009-Carmen Suite, Hoop 2009-Fantasia on Russian Folksongs, Ribbon 2009-Padam Padam, Ball 2011- Picture of Dorian Gray OST, Gala 2009-Do Your Thing (WCH Mie), Gala 2010-La monture (GP Thiais), Gala 2010-Who Wants to Live Forever (WCH Moscow)

  3. Michel says:

    Gala/Rope 2008 – Vesalaya Kadril; Ball 2009 – En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor; Rope 2008 – El Conquistador; Ribbon 2008 – Moscow Nights; Ribbon 2009 – Padam Padam

    lol only 2008/09!?

  4. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    My top 5: Ribbon 2006/2007-Walls of Akendora, Rope 2008-El Conquistador, Ribbon 2008-Moscow Nights, Hoop 2010-Rite of the Spring, Ribbon 2011–‘Fantasie’ impromptu-Chopin

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