Video Translation: Boryana Kaleyn – new hope for BUL rhythmic gymnastics


Many Many Thanks Alexandra Grashkina-Hristov for the translation!!!!

“Boryana, now 16, started training at age 6 because she was a very energetic child who “ran around and broke everything.” From a way to spend energy, gymnastics became her lifelong love. What she loves the most about gymnastics is that “it builds character.” Her favorite apparatus is rope, which, unfortunately, is no longer part of the senior program for individuals, but she still likes it. She finds the ribbon the most difficult apparatus. She also has other hobbies like reading and painting. She believes that to succeed in gymnastics you have to be be expressive. “You can’t just perform with an empty look in your eyes and expect the judges to be impressed.” Her first large event was a tournament that accompanied a world cup competition in 2013. She was very excited to perform alongside very famous gymnasts. Unfortunately, she broke her legs and was recovering for 8 months; during that time she kept training with her cast on. “Unlike everyone around me, I took this very calmly and thought that it is temporary; it will just pass.” She says that her biggest challenge is “being stubborn” and “thinking I know more than the coach, which is just not true.”

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