Zhenya leads Squad Camp at Lake Placid, USA, 17-30 Sep 2016

Zhenya leads Squad Camp at Lake Placid, USA, from 17 to 30 Sep 2016,  including different ages and scheduled  in different days. (according to the information I got Zhenya will stay there till 30 Sep)
The report about the young squad camp: click here 

The inaugural Young Squad Camp took place at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center, September 17-21, 2016. Sixteen talented gymnasts born 2007-2009 were invited to attend this selective camp, based on their abilities and performances at the Open Championships last May.

The Young Squad staff included 2-time Olympic Champion Evgeniya Kanaeva, Galina Burns, Sonya Yankova, Amanda Scully, and Lana Lashoff. Focus of the camp was on the base with training in body and apparatus technique, strength and flexibility, and ballet. The young athletes had a great time learning from the best and making new friends from around the country.

A main goal of the squad camps is coach education. Coaches were provided with creative tools and fun ideas to develop a strong body and apparatus technique with their young athletes. Coach participation is an integral part of camp and all squad camps are open for coaches from any club to attend and learn.

Interested in attending a USA Gymnastics camp with your athletes? Look for the 2016 Open Camp Information to be released soon! The 2016 Open Camp will be held December 15-19 at the National Team Training Center in Houston, TX.

Video from the Young Squad camp, as well as the subsequent Squad and Youth Elite Squad Camps will be made available for purchase through the USA Gymnastics website in the coming months.

Short videos: big thanks Ionela Bobrischew

And Thanks liberty_academy

photos: click here here here here and here

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2 Responses to Zhenya leads Squad Camp at Lake Placid, USA, 17-30 Sep 2016

  1. arthur dent says:

    Thanks alot Zoe. My niece dragged us there. First time I saw Zhenya since Mie and she’s really sweet. But she’s a hard task master though. Pity I was too shy to approach her for a photo myself and my Russian is terrible. Like you, my passion for her had waned since 2012 but damn she made my heart skip a beat there. And her student Radmila was quite amazing.

  2. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Short videos: Big Thanks Ionela Bobrischew

    and thanks liberty_academy

    Bravo Eugenia Kanaeva!!! Still got it👍🇷🇺🇺🇸

    A post shared by Nataliya Greenberg (@liberty_academy) on

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