Video Translation: Visiting programme “good morning” Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics

English translated by my friend Tatiana, Billion Thanks!!! [心][心][心]

Good morning everyone who has just joined us and everyone who’s been with us for long time. We continue greeting this day together with our sport heroes. There is Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics with us today, charming Margarita Mamun.

Woman: Good morning, Margarita. Congratulations. Let’s take a selfie first before you run away from us to practice. All of our followers are waiting for this selfie. (Taking selfie).

Man: You can see this and other interesting photos in our VKontakte page very soon.

Woman: You can see right away that Margarita practices rhythmic gymnastics, she came with her ribbon. Can you show us something with ribbon?

Margarita: Yes, sure. Just a moment, let the wind take it away. (Laughing, ribbon got tangled)

Woman: It’s usual to happen, right? That ribbon gets knots.

Man: It’s because of the wind

Woman: do you get penalized if ribbon gets tangled?

Margarita: Yes

Man: Is ribbon your favorite apparatus or another one?

Margarita: No, there is no such thing as favorite apparatus because they are very different. Irina Aleksandrovna says not to choose any apparatus over another one because they can get offended.

Woman (exclaiming, with ribbon): wow, I can also become an Olympic champion

Man: Yes, a talent

Woman: Margarita, am I good at it?

Margarita: Yes, sure

Man/Woman asking at the same time: Why red? This is an apparatus you perform best, right?

Margarita: It’s red because it suits my leotard. We also choose color so that it suits the program.

Woman: Your leotard by the way, it was very beautiful, for everyone to envy. Where can you get one?

Margarita: Thank you, very nice to hear it. Leotards for our team are made mostly in Volgograd, also in Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow.

Man: I know that women team in synchronized swimming likes singing. What about your team? Do you like singing, dancing?

Margarita: Yes, we know that girls from synchronized swimming are famous for their singing.  Of course we also like singing. We also like taking videos, some kind of video diary, especially this time at the Olympics. Probably we will make a short movie from all those videos one day.

Woman: I know you love animals and you have a little dog which lives with you in the training center.

Man: what is its name?

Margarita: Librosha.

Man: What breed is it?

Margarita: Pomeranian spitz. It was Yana’s and my dream which we couldn’t make real. We finally decided to buy the dog after 2014 World championship and only then asked for permission to keep it.

Woman: do you take it with you to the competition?

Margarita: No, to regret. It lived with us in the training center and at Yana’s home when we had to leave for competitions.

Man: Do you have free time so you can watch movie or go to the cinema for example?

Margarita: Sometimes we get day off so we can go to the cinema, but not too often to regret.

Woman: Always just training and training. When you go to cinema do you eat popcorn?

Margarita: Sometimes.

Woman: Thank you very much. We wish you new victories, happiness and love.


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