Russian Gymnasts Are Unreachable (with Zhenya and Dmitrieva’s interview)

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Translated by Alyona, Many Many Thanks!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

The final day of the IV Russian-Chinese Youth Games in Irkutsk brings the audience not less emotions than the previous two.

One of the most popular sports of the Games was rhythmic gymnastics. During three days of the competition all the seats were sold out. This discipline is well-known by Irkutsk audience – the international tournament in memory of Oksana Kostina was held here for many years, later on it was granted the status of World Cup. Since 2008 this tournament was cancelled but the audience still wants to see this graceful sport live. That’s why both Russian and Chinese gymnasts got a great support from the audience and the medal ceremony was made with the participation of the stars of London 2012 Evgenia Kanaeva and Daria Dmitrieva.

The first three places were taken by the Russians – Alina Ermolova, Darya Pridannikova and Anastasia Shibaeva shared the podium. The high and not offensive fourth place was taken by the representative of China – Shang Rong (尚蓉). The two time Olympic Champion Evgenia Kanaeva , member of Russian delegation in Irkutsk, paid a special attention at this gymnast:

-This girl from China performs on a very good level. There cannot be any guarantee that one side is stronger than another. You know, the more we think that our rival is weak, the more mistakes we make.

Evgenia is surrounded by attention – she is being photographed, she gives autographs. At one moment she runs away from the fans but then noticing the shy eyes of the Chinese girls who adore her, she gives in:
– I can’t refuse the Chinese girls. Give your papers to sign!

And here we come with our questions:
– Are you satisfied with the performance of our girls or you have any remarks?
– Of course I have! There is always way for perfection. I would advise to change their attitude to the trainings. In general, the attitude to everything should be smart. Both to victories and to losses. Our aim at this competition was to get the experience of performing on the international level, to strengthen the character so to say. Though all of the girls have already performed at such tournaments.

Darya Dmitrieva from Irkuts who is now living in Moscow got a special attention. In this charming beautiful young woman it is difficult to recognize sweet girl Dasha who brought Russia the silver medal in London. The woman is expecting a baby and her fans want to know when she is going to get married with hockey player Alexander Radulov.

– We will get married very soon. Don’t worry! – says Dasha laughing. We already set the date of the registration and I will let you all know about it very soon.
– Have you thought about the name?
– Yes, we have but I will keep it a secret so far. I hope everything goes ok, it is the most important thing now. Who do we expect? A boy!

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