Video Translation-Summary: Zhenya Interview-Sportvisor-30 Jun 2015

Zhenya visited Sportvisor at 30 June 2015 and did an interview. Many Thanks my friend Alyona did a summary translation!!!

Here you are the summary:
1. Some words about her son: He grows up being a very lively, merry and happy boy. He loves all kinds of balls. He is trying to do some basketball moves. Zhenya will certainly give him to sports but which one she doesn’t know for sure yet. People say he must be a hockey player like his daddy but knowing the situation in hockey from inside she is not sure that it is the right decision. Her son loves watching football on TV.

2. Zhenya revealed a small secret about her career. She has already began to train in Novogorsk. But she didn’t mention who she works with.

3. Afrer the Olympics in London she burst into tears unpacking her sports bag and realizing that she wouldn’t need these things any more. She says the first year after retirement was very difficult.

This is all news from the interview. The other questions were all the same: who brought you to gymnastics (granny), what is your favourite apparatus (none) etc.
Evgenia Kanaeva-Interview-Sportvisor30062015.jpg

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