Putin awarded the country’s main workers, Viner was awarded and Zhenya attended the ceremony (translation)

01 May 2015, Putin awarded the country’s main workers in Kremlin on Labor Day, Irina Viner was awarded, Zhenya and Anastasia Bliznyuk attended the ceremony.

here’s the news report video

translated Viner, Kabaeva and Zhenya’s words, Many Thanks my friend Tatiana!!!

3:51 Irina Viner: It’s work, very hard work till desperation sometimes. But anyway, the moment you hear Russian anthem, all that is gone and you are happy.

4:35 Alina Kabaeva: It’s common in our team that coach for us is like a mom. I sometimes tell her things I don’t even tell my mom. And she gives me some advice.

4:45 Evgenia Kanaeva: 99% of success is thanks to coach; and 1% is sportsman accomplishment.

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