World Cup Sofia 2013 and Dundee Cup, 2nd-5th May

No competition for Masha this week :((( Melitina Staniouta has a break too! The only one A category World Cup series will be held in Sofia this weekend, from RUS Mamun and Kudryavtseva, from Belarus Halkina and Kadobina, from UKR Rizatdinova and Mazur. Good Luck to all gymnasts!!!

Official website:
Program: click here (Local time GMT+3)
Participants list:
Start list for World Cup: click here
Start list for Dundee Cup-Junior group: click here
Live stream for Dundee Cup and Qualification: click here
Live stream for finals:

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18 Responses to World Cup Sofia 2013 and Dundee Cup, 2nd-5th May

  1. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Event Finals-Individual and Group-World Cup Sofia 2013-TV coverage

    Opening Ceremony+Senior Group AA-World Cup Sofia 2013-TV coverage
    土豆 tudou

  2. M says:

    Alright cool, will check out the group video.

    Alright, I followed the tumblr page, so I will delete it now and check the site you just sent me.

  3. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @Monique, for me RUS junior group 5 hoops is difficult but nothing special, Bulgaria is just PERFECT, the choreography and the music!!! I posted the video link yesterday their performance in final in Pesaro 2013 (they won gold in final), check my newest comment for WC Pesaro 2013 😉 and except BUL junior, AZE, and ISR 5 hoops are very good too!!!

    And I removed Masha’s website to wordpress, will update her information there from now on, go to check it 🙂 (I don’t like tumblr…)

  4. M says:

    Ah yeah I’ve heard about Well the next time you talk to her, tell her she has another big fan in me 🙂 My name is Monique.

    I will have to check out Bulgaria’s junior group. I’ve seen the Russian one but haven’t really looked at the other groups. However, I will sometime soon.

  5. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @M, No! Srashivai is a “ask me questions site” right? I don’t use that. and I don’t know whether Masha has an account in Srashivai or not…I communicate with her via by PM. (it’s like RUS facebook, she doesn’t have facebook account) actually very often recently, almost one PM per day but well nothing special haha… 😉

    I seldom watch groups before, but this year I just love Bulgaria junior group 5 hoops sooo much, best routine for me, I can watch it thousand times and never get bored 🙂

  6. M says:

    I know you meant, you love her more, and not that she is technically better lol. I agree about Maria’s apparatus handling skills are weak, she is young so I believe she will get more secure in time.

    It is understanable in you liking the younger gymnasts than the older one. As I’ve said, I have started to pay more attention to RG since the Olympics really. I don’t watch the singles as much as I do the group routines. I respect them all because this takes a lot of dedication to do.

    It’s great you get to talk to her. Do you do it on the Srashivai site?

  7. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @M, “Masha > Zhenya” means I have more love in Masha now, not means technique she is better than Zhenya of course haha. Zhenya is a legend, it’s very very difficult that other gymnasts can surpass her! Masha has many shortcoming needing to improve. Her apparatus handling skill is weak, ball and ribbon especially, and she always has problems with the ring pivots…but what I love her are her appearance, her body proportion and her balletic+graceful style. She is, IMO the most beautiful to watch in RUS team, now and the past.

    RG is a beautiful sport, I have to confess I love watching beautiful gymnasts. Before I always thought I would not pay the same passion to other gymnasts like I did for Zhenya after she retiring, then suddenly Masha appeared…I have a feeling if she appeared in the same time with Zhenya, maybe my favorite will go to Masha not Zhenya, and this blog will be “Masha Titova Gymnasium” XD…Maybe also because of her age, I followed Zhenya since OG Beijing, she was 18 at that time, Masha is only 15 (she will be 16 in August) for me I always like young gymnasts more than matured ones 😉 Zhenya and Masha both appeared in the front of my eyes when they were/are teenager. I communicate with Masha sometimes in internet, I admire her personality very MUCH! Her English is not bad, I think good enough for a 15 years old girl.

    About Russian gymnasts’ scores, yes they are overscored often, so some RG fans don’t like them…Masha was overscored too in Bucharest and Pesaro…but anyway I still love her.

  8. M says:

    Oh Wow. Masha >Zhenya for you? that is high praise indeed. It is only really recently that I’ve paid more attention to Rhythmic Gymnastics, I knew of Kanaeva etc but AG is my thing. I like the Russian Senior team especially Blizyuk and Nazarenko. For some reason after seeing her for the first time, I was drawn to Maria and took an instant liking to her. So now I start paying more attention to RG.

    I read a lot that some say that Russia tends to get overscored and for that reason, some people don’t like them.

  9. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Yana K and Mamun both were overscore in EF…= =+ with a drop and other little mistakes they still took golds in hoop and ball and both got 18+ high scores…

    @M, I won’t like other Russian gymnasts except Masha I mean in the senior team…the others all are not my cup of tea, and I love Masha sooo much! but some little girls I love, for example the OMSK 12 years old girl Anastasia Shibaeva 🙂

    But I like some other countries’ gymnasts such as Marina Durunda, Melitina Staniouta, Arina Charopa, Alina Maksymenko, some Lala Yusifova’s routines etc..still Masha is the number one in my mind. Masha is sooo unique in RUS team, no one like her, and she is a very nice girl too, I not only love her gymnadtics but also her personality, she is very friendly, humble, gentle, polite, sweeet and lovely. I can say right now Masha > Zhenya for me.

    BTW, you can compare Anna Trubnikova and Yana K, you will see the big difference in their body elements, Anna is way much difficult in D1. Even the little OMSK girl Anastasia, I think her leaps and pivots are better than Yana K. Yana K routines, except those amazing apparatus skill, actully are sloppy…she is like walking in her routines most of time…

  10. M says:

    Ah I see regarding Yana. She is still young, so hopefully her routines will be more senior level. I never really paid attention to the body elements, I guess I will have to start.

    Ah you only like Maria so far this year? Who knows maybe the others will grown on you

  11. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Senior Group 3 Balls+2 Ribbons final results
    1. RUS 17.950
    2. BUL 17.650
    3. BLR 16.850
    4. FRA 16.800
    5. UKR 16.700
    6. SUI 16.350
    7. AZE 16.050
    8. ESP 15.700

    Ribbon EF results
    1. Silviya MITEVA BUL 18.350 Congratulations!!!
    2. Margarita MAMUN RUS 18.100
    2. Ganna RIZATDINOVA UKR 18.100
    4. Yana KUDRYAVTSEVA RUS 17.850
    5. Marina DURUNDA AZE 17.400
    5. Yeon Jae SON KOR 17.400
    7. Caroline WEBER AUT 17.250
    8. Varvara FILLIOU GRE 15.850

    Clubs EF results
    1. Yana KUDRYAVTSEVA RUS 18.300
    2. Ganna RIZATDINOVA UKR 18.200
    3. Silviya MITEVA BUL 18.000
    4. Margarita MAMUN RUS 17.650
    5. Marina DURUNDA AZE 17.350
    6. Caroline WEBER AUT 17.350
    7. Yeon Jae SON KOR 17.200
    8. Viktoria MAZUR UKR 15.250

    senior group 10 CLUBS FINAL
    1. BUL 17.700
    2. ESP 17.300
    3. BLR 16.700
    4. RUS 16.500
    5. UKR 16.500
    6. AZE 15.850
    7. SUI 15.500
    8. FRA 15.000

    Ball EF results, once again good medal with a drop = =
    1. Margarita MAMUN RUS 18.150 (with a drop)
    2. Silviya MITEVA BUL 18.100
    2. Neta RIVKIN ISR 18.100
    4 . Yana KUDRYAVTSEVA RUS 17.950
    5. Caroline WEBER AUT 17.400
    6. Ganna RIZATDINOVA UKR 17.200
    7. Varvara FILLIOU GRE 16.400
    8. Yeon Jae SON KOR 16.200

    Hoop EF results, gold medal with a drop = =+
    1. Yana KUDRYAVTSEVA RUS 18.250 (with a drop)
    2. Silviya MITEVA BUL 17.950
    3. Yeon Jae SON KOR 17.800
    3. Ganna RIZATDINOVA UKR 17.800
    5. Neta RIVKIN ISR 17.700
    6. Marina DURUNDA AZE 17.500
    7. Margarita MAMUN RUS 17.050
    8. Caroline WEBER AUT 15.750

  12. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @M, actually, in RUS team I only like Masha right now…she is my favorite, others I don’t like…As for Yana K’s scores, I didn’t need to watch videos, with her body difficulty, so simple it’s no way she can get 18.600 such high scores! Her body elements are poor comparing with those top gymnasts, she is under average in D1…her routines are junior level/style except ball. I agree her apparatus handling skill is incredible, but her body skill is not, even she got the maximum in D2, 18.600 is still too much.

    BTW, only Staniouta deserves 18+ IMO, she is the BEST this year.

  13. M says:

    Ah, I never saw the event so I can’t say about the over-scoring. I will hopefully see some on youtube.

    I take it, you are not a big fan of hers?

  14. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @M, for me Yana K is sooooo overscored!

  15. M says:

    Wow, congrats to Yana, she is definitely someone to look out for.

  16. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    senior group AA results
    1. BUL 2. RUS 3. BLR 4. UKR 5. SUI 6. AZE 7. ESP 8. FRA

    senior AA full results

  17. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Results Junior groups 5 hoops-Dundee Cup 2013

    1. ISR 32,200 – 16,050 and 16,150
    2. RUS 31,917 – 16,650 and 15,267
    3. BLR 31,850 – 15,850 and 16,000
    4. BUL 31,733 – 16,233 and 15,500
    5. AZE 31,450 – 15,567 and 15,833
    6. FRA 29,633 – 14,800 and 14,833
    7. SUI 29,384 – 14,667 and 14,717
    8. AUT 29,166 – 14,533 and 14,633
    9. SRB 27,134 – 14,017 and 13,117
    10. POL 26,450 – 13,333 and 13,117
    11. ROU 24,400 – 12,300 and 12,100

  18. M says:

    Good luck to Mamun and Yana.

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