Zhenya Q and A (Quiz Game)

Evgenia Kanaeva-Ball-WCH Moscow 2010-FIG magazine-ZKG
Just for fun, I thought some questions, let’s play a Q and A quiz game. Please leave your answers at comment area, and I will hide your comments temporarily. At 31st Jan, I will publish the answers and show all the comments. Feel free to play 🙂 

1. How many golds Zhenya won in Aeon Cup (junior+senior+team)

2. From 2003 to 2012, In which years Zhenya didn’t compete in Japan? (multi answers)

3. In which years, Zhenya ranked first in all 4 apparatus in FIG world ranking ?

4. In 2009, in which competition Zhenya started to use “Concierto de Aranjuez” as her ball music ? and when she started to use “Kadril Veselaya” as her rope music ? (please write the title of the competition)

5. Who is Zhenya’s first coach ? (please write her first and last name)

6. What gift Zhenya got from RUS president Dmitry Medvedev for her Beijing OG Champion ?

7. In 2011, in which competition Zhenya lost in AA ?

8. Who is Zhenya’s favorite author (writer) ?

9. Which holidays are Zhenya’s favorite ? (multi answers)

10. This photo was taken at Mie 2009-qualification, EF or AA final?
Evgenia Kanaeva-Mie 2009-by Tom Theobald

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2 Responses to Zhenya Q and A (Quiz Game)

  1. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    probably the questions are too difficult, only two friends tried to play this game (one via ZKG weibo). Anyway, here you are the answers.
    1. 12 golds
    2. 2007 and 2012
    3. 2009 and 2010 (in 2008, the rules of the world ranking was different, gymnasts’ points including past events, thus Zhenya didn’t rank 1st in any apparatus in 2008)
    4. GP Thiais for ball and WC Portimao for rope (to Anita, at WC St. Petersburg, her rope music was still Carmen suite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqWxhiVRaxU )
    5. Elena Arais
    6. a Benz
    7. WC Portimao
    8. Oscar Wilde (check this interview: click here )
    9. New Year and her birthday (check this interview: click here )
    10. Qualification

  2. I want to try, even If these questions are quite difficults!:)
    1. Should be 12 golds.
    2. She didn’t compete in Japan in 2007 and 2012.
    3. She ranked 1st in 4 apparatus in 2008, 2009 and 2010.
    4. She started to use el concerto de Aranjuez since Thiais GP and Kadril Veselaya since Petersburg WC.
    5. Her first coach is Elena Arais.
    6. Zhenya received a rolls royce.
    7. Kanaeva get the 2nd place in the AA at Portimao World Cup (I’ll never forget that moment, I was so sad to see her that way).
    8. Her favorite author is Sergej Esenin but her favorite book is “The picture of Dorian Gray” by Wilde. Btw If you meant music composer she said that she really hasn’t a preference it alway depends on her mood but for RG she really likes Maxime Rodriguez.
    9. Zhenya’s favorite holidays are at home or when she goes to the sea.
    10. The photo was taking during the qualifications (at least I think so).

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