World Cup Corbeil-Essonnes 2012, 11-13 May

This is Zhenya’s last competition before European Championship.
Good Luck to Zhenya in Corbeil-Essonnes!!! Wish Zhenya ALL THE BEST!!! 祝好運!!! 小兔寶加油 !!! Davai Davai !!!

FIG preview report of this event,10869,5187-187975-19728-49291-316497-20935-5233-layout210-205197-news-item,00.html

Official website:  

Participants List:
click here
Start List:
click here (released on 20 Apr, (not 100% correct, some names were changed…)
Zhenya in Group B

11 May
14:00-16:00 Group A Hoop and Ball qualification
20:00-22:30 Group B Hoop and Ball qualification

12 May
15:30-17:00 Group B Clubs and Ribbon qualification
20:00-22:30 Group A Clubs and Ribbon qualification

13 May
14:30-18:00 Apparatus Finals

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19 Responses to World Cup Corbeil-Essonnes 2012, 11-13 May

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya Clubs-Final-WC Corbeil 2012-TV HD in ZKG YTB channel

    Zhenya-Ball-Final-WC Corbeil 2012-TV HD in ZKG YTB channel

    Zhenya-Hoop-Final-WC Corbeil 2012-TV HD in ZKG YTB channel

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya’s hoop final-TV version, big thanks kostinajavier (with TV version, her new hoop leo looks sooo stunning and beautiful!!!)

    Zhenya clubs final, big thanks fatalbeauty!

    Zhenya ball final, big thanks fatalbeauty!

    Zhenya’s hoop final, big thanks fatalbeauty

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Laura, Zhenya will have a rest, her next competition is EC. And yes, I agree, Merkulova’s score is ridiculous…she is not in the same level with Zhenya and Dmitrieva…for DD I am afraid her chance to OG is very small, she is too unstable and didn’t have better AA results compared with Kondakova

  4. Laura says:

    @Zoe But anyway Merkulova isn’t better than Kanaeva and Dmitrieva. This is ridiculous!!
    She shouldn’t get even 28!!
    I really hope Zhenya can take a rest, as well as Dmitrieva. They both two deserve to go to OG.
    Ths season I’m enjoying so much Dmitrieva. Her style remind me Kanaeva’s.

  5. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Laura, yes many people are shocked!!! anyway, it is obvious that Zhenya is tired in this competition. she made many little mistakes in every routine. I just hope after a rest she can turn back to her best shape before EC and can make to OG!!!

  6. Laura says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!! Merkulova first????!!!!!!
    Oh gosh! I’m seeing Merluka in London with gold…. Viner Viner!!!

  7. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Ribbon final
    1. Merkulova 29.200
    2. Dmitrieva 29.025
    3. Charkashyna 28.750
    4. Miteva 28.350
    5. Garaeva 28.250
    6. Ledoux 28.150
    7. Alyabieva 27.450
    8. Deng 27.050

    Clubs final, Zhenya only 2nd :((
    1. Merkulova 29.300
    2. Kanaeva 29.200
    3. Chakashyna 28.500
    4. Miteva 27.950
    5. Deng 27.650
    6. Ledoux 27.625
    7. Mitrosz 27.550
    8. Alyabieva 26.350

    Ball Final, Zhenya took gold! Congratulations!
    1. Kanaeva 29.450
    2. Chakashyna 28.600
    3. Garaeva 28.450
    4. Miteva 28.400
    5. Rizatdinova 28.200
    6. Merkulova 27.900
    7. Ledoux 27.400
    8. Mitrosz 27.350

    Hoop final, Congratulations to Zhenya!!!
    1. Zhenya – 29.150
    2. Charkashyna – 28.500
    3. Dmitrieva – 28.475
    4. Alyabieva – 28.300
    5. Ledoux – 28.150
    6. Rizatdinova – 27.775
    7. Miteva – 27.775
    8. Mitrosz – 26.750

  8. ZKG-WanWan says:

    AA Top 10-WC Corbeil 2012
    1. Zhenya 116,400
    2. Merkulova 115,425
    3. Dmitrieva 115,075
    4. Miteva 112,100
    5. Charkashyna 111,450
    6. Alyabyeva 110,125
    7. Garayeva 109,975
    8. Delphine Ledoux 109,525
    9. Mitrosz 109,280
    10. Rizatdinova 109,175

    AA rank WC Corbeil 2012, sorry no detailed results (Zhenya didn’t qualify to ribbon final :((( )
    1. Zhenya 116.400
    2. Merkulova 115.425
    3. Dmitrieva 115.050

    @Laura, yes I think so her new ball leo is a bit like her 2006 ball leotard, (and she wore it on 2007 too for hoop and rope sometimes) that was wore by Tchachina at first.

  9. Laura says:

    Hoop leo is terrible beautiful!!! My fav without doubth!
    I like clubs one too, is so spanish, really suits the music!
    And the leo she wear with ball is the only one I don’t like so much. It reminds my her 2006 ball leo, that which Irina Tchachina also worn.

  10. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya’s clubs-AA, Big Thanks fatalbeauty sooo quick!!!

    Zhenya’s ribbon-AA, Big Thanks fatalbeauty sooo quick!!!

  11. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya AA total score 116.400 Dmitrieva 115.050 (Dmitrieva clubs 27.850 ribbon 29.500)
    Zhenya clubs Q 29.375! (new leotard)
    Zhenya’s ribbon Q 28.450 she must make mistakes :(((( read in forum Zhenya dropped ribbon…
    too bad, dangerous to be in the final…

  12. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya’s hoop AA-WC Corbeil 2012, new leoooooo again!!! big thanks fatalbeauty!!!
    still some little mistakes :((( and big changed in this routine, I prefer the ball one

    Zhenya’s ball AA-WC Corbeil 2012, new leoooooo!!! big thanks fatalbeauty!!!
    mistakes :((( her score is too high and changed choreograph again, nice changed

  13. ZKG-WanWan says:

    WC Corbeil 2012 AA results after two apparatus, Zhenya leads with 58.575 (hoop 29.375 ball 29.200) well done Zhenya, Davai and good luck tomorrow!!!
    click here

  14. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Tanya, here the TV broadcast for Sunday finals
    But I don’t know if we could watch it on-line or not
    15:00 GYMNASTIQUE Tournoi International de Corbeil-Essonnes DIRECT
    16:00 BADMINTON All England Finale H Rediffusion
    16:30 GYMNASTIQUE Tournoi International de Corbeil-Essonnes DIRECT

  15. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Tanya, I hope they will broadcast OG too, I love this channel’s coverage too. I love that male commentator, even I can’t understand anything, I still can feel he is very interesting. 😀

  16. Tatiana says:

    that’s what commentator of NTV+ said when he was commenting on Derugina Cup event. I hope at least they will broadcast OG. I really like this channel cover.

  17. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Tatiana, really?!!! NTV+ didn’t get TV right to broadcast RG events this year :((( I don’t see any information mentioned about TV broadcast of Corbeil WC, no live stram as well :((( FIG preview article also didn’t mention about TV broadcast so maybe we could only wait for audience recording…

  18. Tatiana says:

    Zoe, do you know if any TV company will be broadcasting this event? I know that NTV+ to regret didn’t receive license for broadcasting rhythmic gymnastics events this year :((( only Derugina Cup. Good luck, dear Zhenechka!

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