News Video about Zhenya for London 2012-Summary Translation

A news video about Zhenya for London 2012 by Summary translation by Tatiana, many many Thank!!!

In general they talk about who from Omsk sportsman will go to London. And they talk about Zhenya. That she is admired by people worldwide for her talent and hard working. That before Beijing there was big rivalry in Russian team but Zhenya overcame all barriers and won title of Russian Champion, and she won all world cups and grand-prix before OG 2008. and that in EC 2008 she just proved it by winning title of European Champion. She was the youngest participant among 12 gymnasts in the final competition in Beijing and won it. She became the youngest Olympic Champion in history of RG. (note by WanWan, The youngest OG Champion in RG should be Marina Lobatch with 18 years, 3 months and 6 days. And Zhenya won Beijing OG with 18 years, 4 months and 21 days)  She was 3.5 points ahead of silver medalist Inna Zhukova.

Shtelbaums says that 1st Olympics nobody expected her to win, everything was unexpected. But now everyone is looking at Zhenya and expecting her to win. So it’s much harder now, more pressure on her. Also it’s said that for upcoming OG Zhenya and her coach prepared new program which is more difficult than the previous ones. Then it’s said that Zhenya is very famous and regulary receives different awards and titles. Little girl said that Zhenya is very kind and friendly person. Then it’s said that thankfully to Zhenya RG in Omsk region continued developing in faster pace, they received new RG center.

Zhenya says that it’s pleasure for her to represent Omsk and to perform there because it’s her home. Then it’s said that inspite of her fame Zhenya stayed the same simple girl who prefer gym instead of red carpet. Probably it’s one of the secrets of her success.

At the end it says in the screen: We believe in your victory, Zhenya!!!

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