Zhenya ranks 1st in the Best 10 Athletes of Russia 2011 by Russian Reporter

News link: http://expert.ru/russian_reporter/2011/49/luchshij-sportsmen-2011-goda/
This best 10 list was voted by experts among 30 candidates. Zhenya ranks 1st in the list, she got 179 points from the experts, 2nd Natalya Ischenko, 3rd Victoria Komova.

Congratulations to Zhenya!!!

Zhenya is named “Best 10 Athletes of Russia” for four consecutive years (2008-2011) by Русский репортер (Russian Reporter), and she ranked 1st in 2009 and 2011.
2008 list
2009 list
2010 list

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3 Responses to Zhenya ranks 1st in the Best 10 Athletes of Russia 2011 by Russian Reporter

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @janyeating, 謝謝你的分享!!! 桌布很漂亮! 天冷你也要注意保暖.

  2. janyeating says:

    hello~zoe wan=)) 感謝zhenya去年帶給我們的感動,她真的是非常好的rg選手&女孩!!雖然她年紀比我小,但真的從她身上學到很多(汗顏..|||),努力不懈堅持自己喜歡的事!!

    Believe in yourself and you’ll succeed!
    俄文部份是Smiling to life and life will smile to you.


  3. Meme says:

    Good for her! But I think that would be obvious because she is already amazing!

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