Zhenya Tops @Sexiest Russian Female Athletes by kp.ru

News Link: http://www.ufa.kp.ru/daily/25802.5/2783280/
It’s a poll by the readers of kp.ru. As a tradition, at the end of each year, kp.ru holds the poll to choose the sexiest Russian female athletes. This year, Zhenya ranked 1st in the voting among the fifteen candidates. It’s her first time to top at this poll. Congratulations to Zhenya!!! 2nd is Yelena Isinbayeva, 3rd is Maria Sharapova.

Below is the full list of sexiest Russian female athletes 2011

Evgenia Kanaeva (rhythmic gymnastics) 13.9%

Yelena Isinbayeva (pole vault), 12.1%

Maria Sharapova (tennis) 10.0%

Elena Ilina (figure skating) 9.6%

Elena Danilochkina (basketball) 9.3%

Alexandra Kosteniuk (chess) 8.7%

Maria Kirilenko (tennis) 7.5%

Vera Zvonareva (tennis) 6.6%

Yuliya Efimova (float) 5.5%

Natalia Ragozin (boxing) 4.9%

Olga Kaniskina (Walking) 4.4%

Alain Zavarzin (snowboard) 3.7%

Svetlana Sleptsova (biathlon) 2.2%

Tatiana Volosozhar (figure skating) 0.8%

Tatyana Chernova (athletics) 0.8%

Total votes: 1235

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4 Responses to Zhenya Tops @Sexiest Russian Female Athletes by kp.ru

  1. StretchyLily says:

    Im so happy for her!

  2. Meme says:

    Of course she would win she’s awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tatiana says:

    For sure Zhenya is the best!!!!!

  4. Michel says:

    No wonder hihi (A). Congratulation to all athletes, especially Evgeniya:)

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