Competition in OMSK-26th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Cup, 01-04 Dec 2011

This weekend Zhenya will compete in her hometown OMSK for the 26th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Cup. The Opening ceremony was held on 02 Dec 2011. Irina Tchachina also attended the opening ceremony.  Good Luck to Zhenya!!!

check news here (video and article)
In the video (Big Thanks Tatiana’s translation!!!)

Irina Tchachina says: I think this tournament is great tradition for all of us; it’s an international level tournament. In my opinion, this event is a great chance for kids to start building their   career. It’s also a great experience for any gymnast who wants to achieve high results. I’m myself grown up at this event; I know what is it to compete here and to raise level of your skills. So that it’s a great experience for beginners and for little stars who have already achieved some results.

02:12 Zhenya says: I wish new generations of gymnasts were growing and our school continued its development.

02:53 Zhenya says: It’s great that sport complex of this level is being built and practically ready (* meant rhythmic gymnastics center of international level which is being built and is about to be finished by December 26th in Omsk). Thankfully to this our sport is going to continue developing.

here’s some competition’s videos, many thanks the uploader!!!

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3 Responses to Competition in OMSK-26th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Cup, 01-04 Dec 2011

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya won AA! Congratulations!!! 2nd is Miteva, 3rd Arina Sharopa
    And I read in this forum, someone wrote Zhenya only performed Clubs and Ribbon in finals, she ranked 1st. (Женя Канаева выступала сегодня в финале с лентой и булавами – 1 места. )
    Miteva won hoop and ball finals

  2. Meme says:

    thanks for always posting new news! Lots of luck!

  3. Michel says:

    Good luck Evgeniya! And thanks for translation 🙂

    PS Zoe: I’m back! ^^ Sorry that I was gone, few sad things are happened.

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